The mystery of the amulet pentacle of Solomon

The amulet pentacle of King Solomon significantly increases the power of magical items, which avoids damage, helps to achieve goals at work or in personal life. To achieve the maximum effect, it is important to know how to make, properly activate and wear such a charm. amulet pentacle of solomon The appearance of the amulet of the seal of the ruler Solomon is rather primitive – it is a circle in which an image of a star is placed

Why is it so named?

The word 'pentacle' is of Latin origin and means 'small image'. In the old days, such drawings were applied to any objects related to witchcraft.

The seal amulet is named after Solomon for a reason. According to legend, the king wore a ring with an engraved hexagonal star on his hand – this ring helped the ruler to keep in touch with the dark forces and subdue them to his will. Otherworldly spirits knew him secrets and helped him make fateful decisions.

What does it look like?

The appearance of the amulet of the seal of the ruler Solomon is quite primitive – it is a circle in which the image of a star is placed. The talisman can be made of precious materials – gold or silver, other materials are also used – iron, tin, stone, wood, metal.

Magical properties?

The amulet in the form of Solomon's seal has many meanings of the magical plan:

  • gives self-confidence and saves you from making serious mistakes;
  • helps in the fight against alcohol, drug addiction and other unhealthy habits;
  • protects the owner from damage, evil eye or love spells;
  • normalizes health and increases the body's endurance;
  • improves financial well-being, significantly increases the chance of a salary increase and rise
  • on the career ladder, helps to achieve trusting relationships in the work team.

Magicians with the help of such a talisman can recognize the future or the past, and applying a pentacle to any object protects it from other sorcerers.

To whom and how to wear?

In order for the amulet to increase the flow of money, enhance luck or protect the owner from damage, it is important to know how to wear it correctly:

  1. Gold or silver print attracts material values.
  2. The applied symbol on household items protects against theft, breakdowns and fires, and also improves the aura in the room.
  3. The charm in the form of a pendant is recommended for people working in life-threatening professions – it protects them from accidents.
  4. A tattoo in the form of a pentacle of Solomon brings a person success in all matters and is considered one of the most powerful amulets.

It is important to consider that such an amulet is allowed to be worn only by strong people who know how to avoid stressful situations. A weak person, prone to nervous breakdowns, will not be able to withstand the strong energy of the amulet, which can lead to serious mental disorders or mental clouding.

How to activate?

To turn the pentacle of Solomon from an ordinary decoration into a powerful amulet, you must activate it correctly. The rite of cleansing and charging the talisman takes several days:

  1. First you need to keep the amulet all day under the light of direct sunlight, and leave it at night in the light of the moon. This will help him to be saturated with the energy of the heavenly bodies.
  2. In the morning, you need to hold the talisman under running water for five minutes. If there is no way to get to the river, put it in a sink for the same amount of time under cold water.
  3. After cleansing, immerse the amulet in salt for 3-4 hours – this will help eliminate unnecessary energy. After the time has elapsed, thoroughly rinse the salt off the object, and throw away the remains as far from the house as possible.
  4. Bury the star amulet for a couple of hours near fruit-bearing trees, fumigate it with a scented candle in the evening and leave it in the freezer overnight to complete the purification.

To activate the talisman, the key of the ruler of Solomon for yourself, you should take it in your hands, while it is important to be as concentrated as possible on inner sensations and avoid extraneous thoughts. In your own words, express to the amulet what you want from him for life.

Remember – you should not ask the seal about harming other people, as this will turn against you.

Making the seal of Solomon

You can make such an amulet with your own hands, it is important to adhere to a number of rules:

  • the moon should be growing and be in the constellation Virgo;
  • the finished star must be flavored with dates, aloe and raisins;
  • making the talisman is allowed on any day except Saturday.

When creating a talisman, it is important to determine for what purpose you need it, and after that choose a day and metal:

  1. Monday – to strengthen power over the repaired. The best metal is silver.
  2. Tuesday – to protect the health of doctors. It is recommended to make an iron amulet.
  3. Environment – to enhance mental abilities. Optimum bases are aluminum, silver or platinum.
  4. Thursday is for a successful charity. The best metal is tin.
  5. Friday is for creative people. It is necessary to make an amulet of copper.
  6. Sunday is for career advancement. The basis of the talisman is gold.

Proper use of the power of the amulet of Solomon's pentacle will help protect yourself from various troubles, gain wealth and improve health. In addition, such a talisman will be a wonderful gift for any strong and self-confident person.

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