Star of the Lada of the Virgin: the meaning of the Slavic amulet for women

The star of Lada is a symbol of Women's happiness and well-being of family relations. Lada is a goddess of Slavic origin who played an important role in the creation of the world. Her star is still found in household ornament or in the symbolism of amulets. For people, such things act as a powerful defense against negative energy. However, not every person knows the roots of the origin of symbols and its features.

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The value of the amulet

The main value of the Lada star amulet is to balance the woman's energy. The goddess was the embodiment of femininity and grace. She was respected and honored by the ancestors of Slavic and Old Slavic origin.

She was chosen for patronage by young girls and women who were preparing to enter into a life together with their beloved. She was often asked for help:

  • build relationships with the future mother-in-law;
  • to be adopted by the husband's family;
  • quickly get used to a new home, etc.

The main goal of Lada was to promote the formation of peace and harmony between a woman and a man in family relations. It was not uncommon for people to come to her for help in resolving conflicts.

As a result, the power of the goddess was embodied in the amulet of the star of Lada – an eight-pointed star consisting of a square and two ellipses. The presence of such a symbol in the family is a guarantee not only of the full disclosure of a true woman, but also of harmony and tranquility in the family. The representative of the fair sex will bypass all diseases and ailments if she wears such a talisman.

Symbols of the star of the fret

The impression from visual inspection of the Lada star symbol is a very complex ornament. At first glance, it is almost impossible to depict it on paper, metal, wood or any other material on your own. However, having studied what constituents it is complex, problems in its image will not arise.

The goddess Lada in her symbol combines several elements:

  • body, soul and spirit;
  • the world of the Gods, the real and the afterlife;
  • present, past and future tense.

These elements are at the heart of the amulet.

The symbolism of the star of the Lada of the Virgin includes several parts:

  1. Square. It is located on one of its edges.
  2. Ellipses. They have an elongated shape and intersect with each other. The corners are rounded and protrude slightly beyond the edges of the square.

Moreover, each part has its own magical meaning. A square or rhombus is a symbol of yield. If there is wheat in the fields, then a person will have a well-fed life. The lines of the ellipse, going beyond the boundaries, mean 3 qualities of a person – honesty, conscientiousness and justice.

star frets value amulet

The part of the lines, which is located in a circle, personifies the symbol of traditions and knowledge belonging to the ancient Slavs. Kolovrat points to the continuity of development and the infinity of being.

It is not uncommon to find an image of a talisman in tongues of flame. This is the sign of the man Lada – Svarog. This meaning is a symbol of the first fire that appeared in his blacksmith.

The magical properties of the symbol

For many centuries, the amulet was able to absorb all the folk wisdom and strength. According to some theories, the star of Lada contains the most ancient knowledge and vast experience of ancestors. Such concentration of information will be a good prerequisite for happiness and good luck for the person who owns the amulet.

Some sources indicate information according to which the wearing of the amulet is available for men and women. However, the Lada star amulet was first created specifically for women or girls who needed help in forming a strong and happy family.

In addition, she helps to find external and internal beauty, to open up to others and to find your destiny.

Expert Opinion Yuna Khatun A divine fortune teller If a girl has found her other half, the star turns into an amulet that will protect their feelings from envious people and other negative components of life.

Long-term wearing has a positive effect on the fair sex. She increases her judgment, improves the quality of kindness, avoids conflict situations.

For the male part of the population, another amulet of a similar type was created – Svarogov square.

It is not recommended to wear a star on young children who have not yet formed their worldview and attitude to religion. This prohibition is due to the fact that the person wearing the amulet must believe in its power, and the child is not subject to this. Often, children do not pay at all to what they are wearing, so they will not be able to show due respect to Lada the mother of the Virgin.

How to wear a fret amulet

Before you buy the Star of Lada charm, you must take into account that this is a generic symbol that absorbs the energy of the family. It is not recommended to purchase it from strangers. The best solution would be to make it yourself. This can be done by any member of the female family: mother, grandmother, sister.

star frets amulet value for women

This recommendation has a connection with the energy that the amulet is filled with. So, an outsider at the time of work can charge him with negative, which subsequently affect the fate of the owner in the form of failure, illness and other problems.

You can wear the amulet in the form of:

  • stripes on clothes, a bag, a headdress (they were especially common among the Slavic people many centuries ago);
  • bijouterie (rings, pendants, earrings, etc.);
  • images on household items (dishes, furniture);
  • tattoos;
  • drawing on paper.

The Slavic amulet Star of Lada can be worn together with a peasant cross, this is not prohibited. However, this action is considered controversial, since these elements belong to different religions.

There are several wearing rules that are recommended to be followed:

  • if the choice fell on a tattoo, then it is better to do it in a place where it will not be visible to strangers;
  • when choosing a material for creating a Star, you need to listen to inner feelings and make a choice based on them;
  • it is important to make sure that the material is safe, otherwise the amulet will not bring good luck, but a disease in the form of an allergy;
  • the amulet should be cleaned and recharged before use.

Following the proposed advice will contribute to the fact that the Star of the Virgin will play the role of a talisman and protector for a long time.

The star of Lada is a universal type of talisman, which is suitable not only for protection, but also for procreation and building relationships in the family. The amulet contributes to the formation of the qualities of a real homemaker in a woman.

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