The meaning of amulets, amulets of Perun: ax, shield, ax

One of the strongest amulets from the evil eye and evil words is the ax of Perun. The God of Thunder is one of the most revered in the Slavic pantheon, he protects against injustice, endows the warriors with courage and inner strength, endows the owner with a confident and wise outlook on life. The ax is the most popular symbol regarding the god Perun, but other powerful talismans are also associated with the deity.

amulet of the ax of Perun

The value of the amulets of Perun

The following charms have the power of Perun:

  • poleaxe (ax);
  • shield;
  • sword;
  • helmet;
  • perunitsa (lightning);
  • thunderman (sign of the summer solstice);
  • bird;
  • star.

Each of the listed symbols has an individual meaning, not suitable for every person. The talismans of the Slavic Thunderer should be worn by people who do not deceive, working for the good of others, and not for their own gain, not harming nature and living beings living on earth.

The ax of Perun is a talisman that carries positive energy and reliably blocks the path of dark power. It is intended for real warriors, strong both inside and out. When wearing a talisman, the following are enhanced:

  • bravery;
  • perseverance;
  • persistence;
  • striving for justice;
  • generosity;
  • endurance.

The amulet in the form of the ax of Perun, worn around the neck or on the arm, protects the owner's life in combat conditions. Part of the power of Perun's ax goes to the warrior, making him a staunch spirit and courageous. In peaceful conditions, the ax:

  • blocks the way to the dwelling for the evil force;
  • protects against black magical effects;
  • protects family members from the evil eye and damage;
  • helps to cope with difficult situations;
  • attracts luck and financial wealth.

shield of perun

Perun's Shield

The guardian shield of Perun is intended for military, fair and brave men. When worn on the chest, it protects life, ensures success in military affairs, removes shameful weakness and cowardice from the soul.

Perun's shield is a talisman used by men for:

  • preservation of life and health in combat conditions;
  • increasing stamina and endurance;
  • protection from the evil eye and black magical effects;
  • attracting good luck and financial well-being.


This amulet is one of the strongest indicators of the right path in life. It helps to make the right decision, to avoid mistakes. Therefore, it is recommended for medical workers, forensic specialists, law enforcement officers, leaders, the military – people whose activities are constantly associated with the need to make a choice.

The amulet of Perun is worn for:

  • facilitating the path to success and well-being;
  • successful implementation of business, registration of entrepreneurship;
  • increasing courage, perseverance, resilience.

Expert opinion Natalia Aleksandrova Numerologist, parapsychologist, tarologist It is categorically impossible for women to wear Perun's star: it will draw out beauty, deprive women of femininity.


Lightning is located in the center of England – a star with nine points. Symbolizes the power and ruthlessness of the weapon. Reliably protects from black magicians, damage, evil eyes, gossip, slander. Eliminates dirty and disturbing thoughts, calms the soul, fills with confidence.


The summer solstice sign is a six-pointed wheel directed to the right. Protects from the elements of nature, evil eyes and bad thoughts. Warms the soul, protects the body. Like thunderclaps, it scares away evil.


The weapon with which Perun brings justice. The talisman has the ability to get rid of an unjustly assigned punishment. It helps to achieve the truth, to restore a good name.


Designed for military men, soldiers, cadets – males who devote their lives to serving their native land. The amulet protects from traitors, strengthens the soul and physical body. He helps men who are not connected with military affairs in their work, defending the interests of their own and their families. The most powerful helmet of Perun, donated by a native woman.


Protects from death in combat conditions. Endows non-military men with luck, helps to achieve planned goals. Protects the home from thieves, protects the owner from fraudsters.

amulet of perun

Amulet Perunov color

Also called the fern color, it is an eight-pointed symbol. According to Slavic beliefs, a person who finds a blooming fern on the Kupala night will acquire untold wealth – knowledge of all the secrets of the world.

The amulet of Perunov color reliably protects against diseases, slanderers and natural elements, attracts good luck, eliminates doubts and blues, contributes to the achievement of goals. Unlike other amulets of Perun, it is suitable not only for men, but also for women and children.

To whom and how to wear amulets of Perun

Since ancient times, the amulets of Perun were intended exclusively for men. They are too powerful for a woman or a child, capable of suppressing, changing character. Women wearing an ax or other talisman become rude, harsh, aggressive, and lose their prettiness and attractiveness.

A male amulet, made of any material, is recommended for individuals who are insecure, constrained, doubting the choice of a life goal.

It can be worn on any part of the body. Helps to strengthen character, accumulate energy in order to carry out plans. It is undesirable for strong men to wear Perun's amulets all the time.

How to charge the amulets of Perun

Any amulet bought or made by a master requires charging. Otherwise, it will be just decoration.

Slavic pagans charged amulets by means of four elements. Natural forces not only fill the product with energy, but also dissipate the negative accumulated in it. It is advisable to carry out the ritual on Perunov day – July 20, being in nature. Ritual actions are divided into 4 stages:

  1. The element of the earth. The amulet is buried in the ground for a couple of hours.
  2. The element of water. The excavated product is washed in a spring or river. You cannot use water purchased in a plastic container: it is energetically dead.
  3. The element of fire. The talisman sweeps over the fire three times.
  4. The element of air. The amulet in the outstretched hand is dried in the wind under the sun.

Perun is a wise, strong, fair god. His amulets help to temper character, to achieve truth. It is recommended to wear them for the military, as well as for men whose professional activities involve making difficult decisions for the good of society.

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