What is the significance of the broom amulet and how to make it yourself?

The broom amulet is one of the most famous Slavic amulets, which, according to ancestors' beliefs, was the main resting place for the brownie. It helps cleanse the energy in the house, attracts wealth and protects your abode from damage or the evil eye. In order for it to be useful, it is important to understand the differences between a protective and an ordinary broom, as well as to study the basic rules for its manufacture and use. broom amulet When making a charm from a broom, it is very important to choose the right material

What is the significance of the amulet?

When making a decorative amulet of a broom with your own hands, it is recommended to decorate it with additional elements, each of which enhances the amulet and has a symbolic, unique meaning:

  1. A house made of clay or salt dough. Helps strengthen family relationships and improve the home environment.
  2. A canvas bag filled with a handful of grains, or legumes. Attracts wealth to the home. These additions to the amulet also mean your table will always be chock-full of delicious food and drink. In addition, you can decorate the broom with coins, then your amulet will contribute to monetary well-being.
  3. Garlic clove. Effectively eliminates negative energy, helps to protect the house from damage and the evil eye, and also protects its residents from the negative effects of energy vampires.
  4. Hot peppers or corn. Strengthens masculine strength and procreation.
  5. Rosehip berries. They protect female beauty, help the fair sex to stay desirable and young longer.
  6. Nuts or acorns. They will give the residents of the house patience and physical strength.
  7. Seeds. Strengthen the activity of children, strengthen their health.
  8. Bay leaf. Significantly increases the chances of the inhabitants of the house to achieve fame and success in life.
  9. Pretzel. Enhances well-being and attracts welcome guests to the house.

When making a charm from a broom, it is very important to choose the right material – it is not recommended to use an old, home broom, plastic and other artificial bases, since they contain empty, useless energy. A protective decorative broom is best made of wood, clay or salt dough.

How to use the amulet?

A broom bought at the beginning of the year is considered a protective broom, and you must definitely throw out the old broom. After purchase, it is recommended to sweep all the rooms – this will help cleanse the house of previously accumulated negative energy.

You can use a protective broom in other ways:

  • if there are disagreements in the family or financial problems, it is necessary to knock with the handle of a broom on the threshold – this helps to call the spirits for help;
  • unmarried girls are recommended to step over a new broom nine times in order to get married soon, and then sweep the house;
  • to attract good luck to the house – rubbish is swept out from the front door to the center of the room.

In order not to bring misfortune to the family, avoid sweeping garbage over the threshold in the evening and do not give a broom to strangers. And also, you should not take an old broom with you when you move – this can attract negative energy. It is recommended to throw it away at an intersection or burn it away from home.

Where to place the amulet?

It is best to hang a protective broom outside or inside over the main entrance to the house. It is also recommended to place such an amulet in the kitchen or on the wall in the hallway. For maximum effect, it is important not only the location, but also the method of attaching the amulet:

  1. On the outside of the entrance door, handle down. In this form, the broom will protect the home from evil spirits, envious people and unwanted guests. In multi-apartment buildings, it has a weak effect, therefore it is most often used in private houses.
  2. Inside the house above the entrance with the handle up. Effectively removes all negative energy from the house.
  3. In the kitchen or in the hallway, handle up. Protects home comfort and improves relationships between households.
  4. In a shed to protect livestock or on a fence to keep crops from spoiling.
  5. Under the child's bed. Protects against ailments and ensures sound sleep.

The most effective way to protect your home is to attach the broom to both the outside and inside of the house. This will help not only get rid of the evil eye, but also allow you to keep positive energy in the house.

If unwanted guests are sitting in your house, put a broom near the exit with a broom down and they will soon leave your home.

How to make a charm with your own hands?

In the old days it was believed that only the oldest woman in the family could make a strong amulet from a broom. To heighten the effect, it is recommended to use the following materials to create such an amulet.

From herbal paint brush

The basis of the future amulet will be a paint brush with a brush made of natural herbs and a wooden handle. To begin with, you need to soak it for ten hours in cool water, and then dry it thoroughly. Further, making a broom amulet will not take much time, you should:

  • with a wire on top of the frame, fix the washcloth so that the resulting object resembles a broom in shape;
  • decorate the handle with ribbons, a house figure and other protective elements (seeds, grain, pepper, garlic);
  • top coat the product with varnish for long-term storage.

Such an amulet is small in size, so an ordinary broom will not work for its creation.

From the branches of trees and grasses

You can also make a protective broom for your home from dried herbs or tree branches. It is better not to pluck the twigs, but to collect those lying on the ground or carefully cut from the tree. When collecting herbs, you need to apologize for picking them up and thank for future help. And it is also recommended to leave in return some of your small thing, thereby making an exchange.

Of the herbs, preference is given to wormwood or St. John's wort – these plants are known for strong protective properties and will help to maximize the amulet.

The Slavs most often use branches of such trees to make:

  • birch – this tree brings harmony to the house;
  • oak – attracts good luck and strengthens the health of residents;
  • pine – strengthens family relationships and protects from unnecessary worries;
  • aspen – eliminates negative thoughts;
  • apple tree – attracts love to the house and fully reveals female beauty.

To create a talisman, you need to tie the branches of the selected tree with herbs with a ribbon, and then decorate the resulting item with any protective elements of your choice.

A year later, the amulet should be burned, asking the housekeeper to protect the home from sorrow, grief and poverty, and then make a new one to replace it.

In order for the made talisman to change your life for the better, it is important when creating it to truly believe in its power and start working with good thoughts, in a good mood.

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