Amulet Power of Trefot

The amulet of trefot, also known as the Scandinavian triskelion, contains water, earth and air forces – it is used to protect its owner from the evil eye and any troubles that lie in wait in everyday life.

Before purchasing a trefoil, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with its meaning, functions, activation and wearing rules – this will help you get the most out of it.

Amulet of Trefot

Trefot value

The appearance of the sign is three twisted spirals diverging in different directions from the center – the number of curls indicates the phases of the movement of the sun or the unity between the otherworldly, real and divine world.

From the Greek, the name of the amulet is translated 'tripod', 'triune' or 'tripod' – the symbol of the unity of the three elements was actively used not only in Scandinavia, but also in Tibet, South America, Sicily, Japan, India.

The main functions of the trefoot

The main properties of the trinity sign:

  • helps to get rid of bad habits and groundless fears;
  • gives self-confidence and allows you to make important decisions in a short time;
  • trefot relieves symptoms of depression and nervous tension, enhances optimistic mood;
  • protects from bad thoughts and bad dreams;
  • trefot harmonizes the physical and mental state;
  • helps to solve work issues without significant financial costs, which can contribute to
  • getting career advancement.

Expert opinion Natalia Aleksandrova Numerologist, parapsychologist, tarologist Amulet makes its owner more successful and wiser, helps to translate the most intimate desires into reality. The presence of rubies in the center of the item will increase the energy and power of the amulet, collecting it at one point.

Rules for wearing a talisman

Trefot should be worn on a leather cord, red thread or chain, following a number of rules:

  1. Hide it under clothes so that ill-wishers do not have a negative effect on the energy of the amulet, as this helps to weaken its effect.
  2. Positioning the amulet closer to the chest will allow it to accumulate the wearer's energy, which will enhance magical functions.
  3. Regular conversations with it will help increase the magical properties of the sign.
    You cannot give your trofit to other people, as well as take other people's amulets. Regularly wearing a protective sign with you will help protect yourself from damage, the evil eye and the negativity of others.

Simultaneously with the trefoot, it is allowed to wear other talismans – their action will not overlap each other. The main rule is that all amulets are worn on separate ropes or chains.

Activation methods

The purchased trefoot must first be cleaned of extraneous energy. To do this, it is placed in a container of water, into which a spoonful of salt is added. You just need to sprinkle wooden products with salt.

Rules for activating trefot:

  1. To activate magical abilities, the product is lowered into running water – if it is not possible to wash the trefoot in a natural reservoir, the water stream pouring from the tap will do. Do not wash the amulet with holy water – this is a pagan symbol and such an action can weaken its power.
  2. Further, the amulet is placed under sunlight or moonlight for several hours.
  3. Before putting on the trefoot, you need to hold it in your palms and mentally ask for what you want.

It is necessary to activate the amulet in complete solitude, in a good mood and without bad thoughts.

Material from which the amulet can be made

The best materials for creating trefoot:

  • silver – possessed bactericidal properties, helped to cure diseases, absorbed negative energy, and endowed its owner with extrasensory abilities;
  • aspen – protected from evil spirits and evil eyes;
  • alder – strengthened relationships between relatives, helped prevent the development of conflicts within the family.

For the fairer sex, silver amulets helped get rid of problems with conceiving a baby and preserve youth for many years.

So that the silver amulet does not lose its magical properties, when it darkens, indicating the accumulation of negative energy, you need to clean it. To do this, the amulet is wiped with a soft cloth, previously moistened with ammonia, to eliminate the risk of scratches or cracks on the metal. After cleaning, rinse the product under running water and dry in the sun.

If the lace is broken on the teff or it breaks, it means that it has fulfilled its functions and can no longer be worn. Silver can be melted into a new amulet, and wood products must be buried in the ground, burned or thrown away at a crossroads.

In order for the chosen talisman to be useful to its owner, it is necessary to make an amulet for yourself or purchase a finished product, and never stop believing in its magical capabilities.

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