An abnormal summer has come in the south of Siberia

In Altai, almost plus 28, temperature records in Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo.

An abnormal summer has come in the south of SiberiaA photo from open sources

Krasnoyarsk opened the sunbathing season a week ago. On the Of course, no one is sunbathing on the banks of the Yenisei. But for walks in City parks, many prefer to go naked. This April, the townspeople say, turned out to be not Siberian warm.

Ulyana Filonenko: “Wonderful weather for tanning, for sports, for walks with children. But in general, the weather is abnormal for Siberia. Yes in It’s snowing in Moscow, it’s cold everywhere, it’s just amazing here heat”.

The last place where you can still find snow in Krasnoyarsk is ski slopes. But streams are already running from them. For skiing, experts assure, literally a week is left. Warm outfit trainers are advised to wear only as a protection against falls.

Forecasters have recorded temperature records all day long. IN in some areas of Krasnoyarsk, the temperature rises to plus 23 degrees. Before that, April 1956 was considered the warmest, but then it was already 5 degrees lower.

Weather in Siberia, weather forecasters explain, now warm masses from Central Asia. The only one who watches with caution behind the forecasts of meteorologists, these are lifeguards: for a few hot days they had already put out six forest fires and nearly a hundred fires of grass. Although the heat only contributes to them occurrence, but certainly not the cause.

Victor Makeich, General Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies of the Russian Federation for the Krasnoyarsk Territory: “The main cause of such fires is careless handling of fire. We all see perfectly when driving through on roads, on the highway, when they drop half-smoked cigarettes or breed uncontrolled fire. All this leads to dry grass to distribution to residential buildings. ”

A sharp warming threatens the health of Siberians. Unprecedented The thermometer reaches the indicators only in the afternoon. At night, the temperature is quite typical for April: kept in the area zero degrees. And, going out in the morning, weather forecasters say about it it is worth remembering not to catch a cold.

Siberians are used to complain about the poor climate. Like, they have winter not like people: not three months, but as many as six – so much usually lies snow. But this year only two months were really snowy. Such weather can only be boasted.

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