An abnormal zone found in Canada where start up cars

An abnormal zone was found in Canada where cars would not startA photo from open sources

The area near the grocery store (pictured above) looks quite usual, but in reality this is by no means the case.

In the small Canadian city of Carstairs (Alberta) allegedly found an abnormal zone where “flatly refuse “to start the car. Ironically, here is parking (near the outlet), which is now most often empty. Those who do not know about the unusual properties of this place and still bet on a car, subsequently forced to call a tow truck or, what happens more often, pushing the car manually (literally pushing with “bad” place). However, these car owners are becoming less, because by the hearing, as you know, the earth is full …

But it was not always like that here. Anomaly noticed in the early days this year, and now local residents are sharing on social networks experience visiting the “damned” parking lot and build various theories regarding the reasons for what is happening.

Some believe that all the fault is some kind of electronics in nearby buildings. According to others, cars do not start up due to some electromagnetic changes in the earth’s crust: in this place, they say, there is a release of a certain energy, mysterious way interfering with the operation of the car starter. They also talk about aliens, secret government experiment and even about the intervention of higher forces.

This phenomenon is not to the liking of customers who have own transport and which used to use once very convenient parking near the outlet, and such in Carstairs most. Therefore, worried store owners began own investigation of the causes of this anomaly, calling for help specialists of various directions and levels, as well as psychics. So far, only one assumptions have been put forward, and in the meantime, word of mouth Radio spreads around the district God knows what terrible rumors, rather all that have nothing to do with the truth …

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