An abnormally long teenager lives in China neck

A photo from open sources

A Chinese teenager was born with a rare anomaly – ten cervical vertebrae, as a result of which he grew incredibly long neck. Recently it became known that a giraffe boy came to the rescue a charity that raised money for his treatment.

A photo from open sources

Parents of Fu Wengui from Beijing, China, noticed from their son signs of pathology when he was 6 years old and took the child to to the doctor. After examination, the specialist diagnosed the boy congenital scoliosis – spinal deformity that occurs in during the first six weeks of embryonic development, and abnormal chest shape, and also emphasized that Fu has ten cervical vertebrae instead of seven.

A photo from open sources

Due to a rare anomaly, the boy grew an incredibly long neck, which was the reason for ridicule from peers. And although adults behave more culturally, refraining from offensive comments, but do not miss the opportunity to stare at human giraffe.

“Once he goes outside, he certainly finds himself in the spotlight and causes a stir, ”said Fu’s father, Genius.

A photo from open sources

15-year-old teenager painfully takes an increased interest in to his person, but much more discomfort is brought to him physical sensations. The fact is that he suffers from painful pain, the cause of which lies in an abnormally long neck, Mail writes. Online

“These extra vertebrae pinch the nerves, so the son is tormented by pains, explained Genius. – Besides, the neck interferes with him normally to walk. ”

According to father Fu, the solution to his son’s problems could be operation, however their family cannot afford expensive treatment. Fortunately, for a teenager who involuntarily became an outcast, drew attention to members of the Beijing charity and decided to provide him with sponsorship.

A photo from open sources

Thus, thanks to the financial support of the organization, A 15-year-old Chinese man has a chance to live without pain.

“I hope that everything works out and I will have a normal neck,” – admitted worried Fu to local reporters.

Doctors at a Beijing hospital are currently working on plan of operation to remove extra vertebrae and reduce the size neck of an unusual patient.


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