An amazing ring formed in the sky above California

An amazing ring has formed in the sky over CaliforniaA photo from open sources

A bizarre ring of very large sizes formed a few days ago over the city of San Diego in California.

On May 25, a local resident went outside and suddenly noticed in above the perfectly smooth round cloud formation, which mysteriously resonated in the atmosphere, becoming clearer and again vague. The amazed eyewitness hastened to capture this anomaly on the camera of your smartphone.

The American still does not believe that he was lucky to receive so incredible shots. The witness sent the video popular conspiracy theorists Blake and Brett Cousins, who posted him on his YouTube channel “Third Phase of Moon”. Researchers asked users of video hosting what it might be, and got a lot of interesting comments from the regulars resource:

  • some commentators felt that the mystery was to blame research station “HAARP” in Alaska, which supposedly allows Americans to control the weather and atmospheric phenomena, but in fact, judging by the anomalies becoming more frequent on Earth, it brings real chaos in the nature of the planet;
  • according to others, this is the result of the project NASA Blue Ray mass consciousness control. Say, strong of this world test the moral endurance of the inhabitants, demonstrating them seemingly impossible pictures in everyday life;
  • third are sure that there was a failure in the work of the “Matrix”, where we all live, and one of the clouds over California accidentally acquired the program has a symmetric, strict geometric shape, which for natural nature is completely uncharacteristic;
  • according to the fourth, it was not a cloud, but a trace from “flying saucer”. Perhaps the round alien ship is still was then above the city, being invisible to human the eye;
  • finally, there were users who concluded that before we have a religious phenomenon. You can, they say, recall another theory reasonable clouds, however, all these are phenomena of one mystical a sense that has nothing to do with scientific theories and alien manifestations …

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