An amazing thing arose over Brazil glow

An amazing glow arose over Brazil.Photo from open sources

May 19, residents of Brazilian São Paulo witnessed amazing heavenly phenomenon. In the clouds above the city arose a beautiful glow, shimmering in all colors of the rainbow.

The video below depicting this anomaly is quick. scattered across the web. Experts say this is about called cloud irrigation when sunlight hits water droplets in the air at an angle of 30 degrees or more, which is why refracted, creating such amazing lighting effects.

Meanwhile, ordinary users of the World Wide Web are building their theories regarding the nature of such a surreal phenomenon. Alone they say that this is the result of a change in the poles of the Earth. Others blame to all aliens. According to the third, a portal has opened over Brazil to another dimension. Many eminent ufologists refuse to give an unambiguous assessment of the incident, however, note that such multicolor glow is increasingly observed recently in different parts of our planet.

The author of the video, who remains incognito, says following:

You have to see all this with your own eyes to understand all the beauty and Feel the thrilling excitement of you in this heavenly radiance. Video does not convey all the shades of it and even more so does not affect the senses, this is a simple rather “dry” statement of fact, so I even I’m ashamed to put my name under the video. But I didn’t have at that moment even a normal video camera, although she, I think, would not have solved this fully problem …

Well, in this world there is still much that is surprising and exciting, and therefore each of us certainly at least once in our lives observed something similar in the sky – such that it is remembered for the whole a life. And this “something” in the soul has one definition – the present miracle…

A life

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