An American buried alive with a cut throat escaped

A buried throated American was saved by his throat.A photo from open sources

An unusual video appeared on the World Wide Web real miracles of human endurance.

Although this terrifying incident has occurred more decades ago, a unique record made by a DVR a police car surfaced on the Internet just now. Video demonstrates a fifty-four year old american with a strong an injury explaining to law enforcement officers what happened to him and his child.

Forrest and his twelve-year-old son living in Uchi State Alabama, became victims of an extremely brutal crime. it happened on February 18, 2002.

Bowyer occasionally traded in soft drugs, as they learned forty-three-year-old Michael Sarrut and twenty-two-year-old Jimmy Brooks. Men appeared at the drug dealer’s house and introduced themselves as employees Federal Bureau of Investigation, requiring Forrest to give them illegal substances and money earned from their sale.

Bowyer led armed people to an abandoned construction site nearby, where he kept everything in a cache. Sarrut and brooks who stopped pretending to be internal intelligence officers, took with them to secure the underage son of a merchant. When Forrest gave the criminals drugs and their savings, criminals decided not to leave witnesses and shot the boy, and then cut his father’s throat. Both alleged bodies were thrown at a hole in the forest and covered with earth. Then the killers returned to their house victims and took away all the values ​​from there.

The American turned out to be surprisingly tenacious

Being in the same grave with a dead son, a man with a cut throat got out of it for more than twelve hours. Then he headed to the nearest road and stopped the first car that came across. The driver immediately called the police. Bleeding and covering the wound hand, Forrest not only explained to the guardians of the law where lies the body of his child, but also described in detail the killers. This one moment and was recorded by a police camera. Obviously, people with with weak nerves, the video below is better not to watch.

A few hours later, the criminals were arrested, and a year later they by court order, they were killed by lethal injection.

According to the doctors, Bowyer lost an incredible amount of blood, and the fact that he survived can be considered a real miracle. American quickly recovered and even attended the execution of the murderers of his son. Forrest still curses the day he got involved with drugs.

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