An angelic being captured on camera near synagogues

The angelic essence was captured on camera near the synagogueA photo from open sources

Mysterious snow-white silhouette, suspiciously similar to some angelic essence flying down the street near the Synagogue of All Nations named TJ Joshua in the Nigerian city of Lagos.

One of the locals accidentally managed to capture this a striking phenomenon on the camera from the bus window. Submitted below the video quickly spread over the internet, causing hot debate on social media. What could it be: a real angel, ghost or deception?

By turning on the mysterious movie, you can see how translucent a white figure swiftly swims over a road not far from gate of the church. According to skeptics, this was a reflection on any the joker’s mirrored surface in the sheet however many others World Wide Web users are still inclined to believe that speech talking about a supernatural phenomenon. This material was especially impressive. believing Network regulars.

What do you think about this? What would be your reaction if you notice something like this on your busy street cities?

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