An angelic image was noticed over Makhachkala

An angelic image was noticed over MakhachkalaPhotos from open sources of

A few days ago, Makhachkala residents witnessed quite unusual phenomenon. In the evening sky over the city, unexpectedly a strange glow appeared, vaguely reminiscent of its outlines the image of a biblical angel. Despite the fact that residents Dagestan is mostly Muslim, many eyewitnesses the occurrence of a mysterious anomaly considered what happened good familiar from above, a wonderful omen.

When the picture below of the “angelic essence” fell into Runet, users started to guess what it means prospective sign.

A photo from open sources

Conspirologists, mystics, seers and others alternative specialists assure that the beginning of the year will be enough difficult for humanity: they say it will be full of shocks, disasters and dramatic changes for humanity. Perhaps it is such signs are intended to give us hope that everything is not so bad, and the situation in the world will definitely improve. Moreover, any changes even seeming terrible, will ultimately be towards for the best …

It is worth noting that the images of angels constantly appear in the sky over the various cities and towns of our planet. Most often angel-like phenomena are a glow similar to what was observed in Makhachkala, or the formation of clouds in the form divine creatures. Skeptics believe that this is ordinary pareidolia, that is, the human brain, they say, simply invents these images, recognizing them in random objects. Believers, of course, do not accept such a theory. The wise say that in this world nothing happens by chance, and are “scattered” around signs by which a person receives warnings from Higher powers and can even foresee the future …

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