An image of a woman in white appeared on a tree

An image of a woman in white appeared on a treePhotos from open sources of

Wind raging last week at Durand Eastman Park American Rochester, was so strong that it awakened local ghost.

At least, so many residents of the city decided. The thing is, that during a storm one of the trees broke, and on its trunk a large light spall formed, resembling a silhouette in its shape women in a dress. A phantom lady has a distinct head and face, raised hands and a long robe.

Everything would be fine, but the legend of the Woman white that can be seen at night in this park. According to urban myth, in the nineteenth century it was a young beautiful the lady from whom the little daughter was stolen and killed, burying the corpse precisely here. A suffering mother, unable to bear the loss of her child, in despair, laid hands on herself. Since ghost the unfortunate allegedly materializes here in the dark, continuing the search for the remains of the girl.

The silhouette that has recently appeared on the tree really looks like Skull-faced woman in a dress holding out hands over your head. Some townspeople thought she was holding an invisible child over him. According to local guard Larry Stub’s nature, the tree broke naturally in storm time, and no jokers could cut something on his trunk like that. At the same time, the tree itself remained alive and hardly much suffered. The official, at the same time, as well as many other citizens, does not deny that the resulting split is really similar to the figure of a woman.

Many people saw a woman in the white exit of their local pond. or strolling through the park, accompanied by two phantom dogs. She, apparently, is indifferent to living representatives weaker sex, but reacts aggressively to the appearance of men, since it was men who deprived her beloved daughter. In 1988 they even shot the horror film “Woman in White” based on this scary legend.

After the appearance of a “ghostly” image in a tree in Durand Eastman began to come a lot of vacationers who want to take pictures amid this miracle, and at the same time spend time among the spring nature. In the park, by the way, there is the so-called “Woman’s Castle white “, which is an ordinary picnic area, very popular among young people. Hence we can conclude that the legend of this ghost is inextricably linked to the park and there is nothing surprisingly, the residents of Rochester are trying to find any confirmation of the existence of a mysterious woman in white.


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