An incomprehensible glow chased the car argentines

An incomprehensible glow chased the car of the ArgentinesA photo from open sources

Although the video below was received relatively long ago, she only now seriously interested world ufologists and researchers of abnormal phenomena. Reportedly that the author of the video was a resident of the Argentine city Capilla del Monte in the province of Cordoba. A woman named Kele rode together with friends in a car, taking pictures of nothing to do with a camera a telephone country road behind them. Argentina, by the way, say I didn’t notice anything unusual then.

However, subsequently, our heroine looked through received path footage and was quite surprised at what hit the camera lens. The video clearly captured how a small car was flying a sphere that emits relatively bright light. Obviously it’s not there could be a speck of dust or a reflection in the lens, since in some moments clearly visible as a radiant anomaly is blocked carcass car. But what then faced, they themselves are not realizing these Argentines?

Some users of the World Wide Web believe that this was an object of alien origin. According to others, it is a phenomenon of mystical nature like a day ghost. Still others speak of an energy essence from parallel measurements. If you believe the fourth, then on the mysterious record was fixed ball lightning (although this phenomenon is common, still not understood by scientists, can be called with a stretch of the imagination). Thus, no one can say with complete certainty, even experts in the field of paranormal phenomena what is it It was…

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