An incomprehensible luminous ball flies among greens

An incomprehensible luminous ball flies among greeneryPhoto from open sources

August 17 this year, a resident of Middlesex County in the state New Jersey USA has witnessed an unusual phenomenon. At first the man felt that he was spinning over the road in the daytime fluff or petal of a flower from a tree. Then he noticed that the “fluff” behaves too meaningfully, like a living creature, and decided that there was a certain insect in front of him. However, taking a closer look better, our hero threw back any hypotheses and grabbed the mobile phone in order to record what was seen on video.

It turned out that the American accidentally stumbled upon a certain glowing a small white ball that steamed over the road, then flew into the bushes, where he suddenly began to rush from side to side. After that, an abnormal clot of light rushed sideways and disappeared from sight of an eyewitness. The surprised man was convinced that the ball is well imprinted on the roller, and immediately laid out mysterious footage on the Internet. Material quickly scattered across Networks, giving rise to heated debate about the origin of the object. To the discussion amazing record even joined some famous experts like conspiracy therapist Scott Waring.

Some users of the World Wide Web are still confident that it was a fluff or a piece of cotton wool flying in the wind and falling into an invisible web for the eyes. According to others, before us is a certain energy essence from a parallel world of completely different dimensions, why do we perceive it that way – on a tangent. If you believe the third, the American took off a miniature ball lightning. Supporters of supernatural theories believe that this was so called the luminous orb, which is something like a primitive disembodied spirit. Finally, ufologists argue that everything is to blame alien activity.

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