An inexplicable pillar of light rose to the sky in Of Sweden

An inexplicable pillar of light rose to the sky in SwedenPhoto from open sources

The video below was received this week. Kristina Skis – a resident of the Swedish city of Eskilstuna. According to According to her, she shot a thunderstorm on a smartphone camera when unexpectedly noticed a strange flash in the sky, not very similar to a discharge lightning bolts.

The surprised girl threw the received video to the computer and watched the video frame by frame. It turned out that this short flash was a huge pillar of light rising from the earth to the sky itself, however, it was visible only a split second.

According to the author of the mysterious shots, she does not have the slightest ideas about what she managed to capture then. At first the Swede decided that it was just a reflection in the camera’s lens, however, then she noticed that the light was partially hidden by a cluster trees near her house, that is, its source is most likely was behind them. Thus, Skis concluded that this is about a very real phenomenon, not an illusion or a sparkling lens.

The material was very popular among web users and quickly scattered on sites devoted to ufology and inexplicable phenomena. As you might guess, many patrons of these resources They thought that before us is the result of the activities of representatives extraterrestrial civilization. According to some of these commentators, the light source could not be on the earth at all, but, on the contrary, in in the sky, that is, among the clouds, perhaps at that moment a ship hovered there aliens. By the way, they often hide in thunderclouds, although people still notice them and shoot on the video, however, certainly differently. In this case, the alien apparatus proved to be in a completely unique way – no one has ever seen such a thing.

Or did someone still see? ..

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