An unexplained anomaly hit the camera observations

An unexplained anomaly hit the surveillance cameraPhoto from open sources

The video below was received on Monday, 3 December, resident of the American city of Bloomington, state Minnesota.

48-year-old Barbara Stitch looked at the monitor in the evening security in your own home and suddenly saw on the screen something incomprehensible, reminiscent of an amazing light anomaly.

By turning on this video, you can see a strange a bunch of light or energy floating above the ground in a certain ephemeral ball-shell, then also disappearing without a trace.

Many World Wide Web users who viewed mysterious frames, considered that we have a ghost, angelic essence or some incorporeal creature. Skeptics are predictable suggest that this is a reflection of the camera lens observation or a drop of water on it.

By the way, about the water. Stritch claims that shortly before it was raining, but at the time of the shooting there was no rain. By nevertheless, in one of the puddles on the record it is clearly noticeable significant movement, as if a stream were pouring on her. Or someone invisible walks, and maybe even crawls on it …

All this is very strange and even a little creepy, they write some Internet users go into such a yard now it will be scary. Poor Barbara Stitch …


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