An unexplained epidemic of laughter in Africa, occurred in 1962

The unexplained outbreak of laughter in Africa in 1962.A photo from open sources

In 1962, in the African Republic of Tanganyika, in which is now Tanzania, a very mysterious thing happened a phenomenon that has not yet received a clear explanation and excites minds many researchers. Scientists call it “mass hysteria” and “mental epidemic.”

It all started on January 30 in the village of Kashasha in the center of the country. Three students of a local christian boarding school for girls unexpectedly began to laugh during the lesson, and obviously did it involuntarily. In less than an hour, as in an educational institution already 95 of 159 pupils aged 10-17 years laughed uncontrollably at the same time, for some reason this attack is not for teachers and other adults spread out.

Some teens stopped laughing after a few hours, others laughed continuously for up to two weeks. The school, of course, had to close, however, it has only just begun. The so-called “epidemic” laughter “instantly spread to nearby villages and cities, reaching almost to neighboring Uganda. Number of minors for no reason to laugh, amounted to more than a thousand, and all because “Dozens of schools” temporarily closed down dozens of schools.

A photo from open sources

Eyewitnesses said that the sight was truly surreal and crazy. Children supposedly laughed out loud, but they the eyes were full of pain. Schoolchildren resisted when adults tried to hold them, and calmed down only when fully were exhausted. But even after that, many of them continued giggle hysterically, which was more like desperate sobs. When they came to their senses, young Africans did not remember what happened to them and often refused to talk about it.

A photo from open sources

According to various sources, the epidemic lasted from six months to two years. And then also inexplicably ended by itself. Orthodox scientists believe that a viral infection could have caused it, massive psychosis or a simple desire of teenagers to draw upon themselves Attention. However, not everyone believes in materialistic explanations for this phenomenon. Even at the very beginning of the epidemic, local shamans concluded that children are possessed by evil forces. Healers tried to carry out rituals to expel evil spirits, but to no avail.

It is noteworthy that the identity of a null patient, that is, a person, who started the epidemic is unknown. They are obviously one of three girls who started laughing first at Kashashi school however the names of these Africans are mysteriously lost in history, so and before reaching our days …

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