An unknown force bent hundreds of trees under Syzranyu

An unknown force bent hundreds of trees under SyzranA photo from open sources

A mysterious anomaly formed in the Samara region some unknown force. So the residents of Syzran and the surrounding settlements that are found nearby cities are an amazing phenomenon. The first such an unusual find made son of a fellow, who went a few days ago to pick berries in the forest. There, a man unexpectedly stumbled upon a suspected abnormal zone, representing a lot of trees tilted to the ground.

A photo from open sources

Our compatriot says that we are talking about hundreds of young pines, whose trunks were strongly bent, but were not are broken. Having walked in this place, the Russian concluded that from above, such areas should look like circles or spirals. I.e like crop pictures, but on a much larger scale. Moreover, one of these circles is formed by pine trees with cut tops. According to a surprised eyewitness, here before the most ordinary forest.

A photo from open sources

Unusual news has already been commented by Russian ufologists. They are stated that a ship of extraterrestrial representatives probably boarded here civilization. Like their foreign colleagues, domestic UFO and alien researchers blame their government for that it hides information about aliens. They say the authorities Of the Russian Federation are well aware that the “green men” visit our country, but withhold this fact from the public.

Meanwhile, a rational explanation of what happened may have been found forestry experts. According to experts, they We have seen this before, but all the climatic conditions in region. It is claimed that the trees bent in winter under heavy snow, and the tops of some of them hardened and broke in the cold. However, many will probably find that these state the servants are simply trying to hang noodles on our ears and hide the truth. At least that’s what the people of Syzran think so, because some of them saw this section of the forest safe and sound a few days ago …

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