An unknown object fell from the sky and dried water

An unknown object fell from the sky and dried a pondPhoto from open sources

In the American city of Lewisburg, located in the central part of Tennessee, an unusual event occurred. Pensioner Patsy Wright reports that her family has been owned for over a century a small area of ​​land with a tiny pond that has never dried up for her whole life. However, last Saturday this the pond, which looked more like an exotic lake, suddenly disappeared under very mysterious circumstances.

According to the woman, she went out for a walk in the early morning. and instead of the usual smooth surface of water her eyes appeared round recess full of dirt. The water disappeared without a trace. However still more interesting was that at the bottom of the reservoir formed quite an impressive hole, leading somewhere down, underground. Our heroine I suddenly remembered that I heard a loud splash near my at home, as if a heavy object fell into a pond. Patsy still thought in that moment for some reason, that a mysterious ship descended on the lake or the pond just sighs like that because it’s getting old, like she herself – he is more than a hundred years old …

Wright appealed to the police, and local law enforcement officers promised try to figure out what happened. Despite their assurances and certain efficiency, while it’s obvious that the guardians of the law do not have not the slightest clue to somehow explain what happened is small miracle. A theory is being advanced that a meteorite fell here, space debris or a piece of ice. Another hypothesis is that the fault was the karst funnel formed in the ground. Some Internet users suspect that water from the lake just the aliens took it.


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