Ancestral Spirit Tips: Eight-year-old boy from South Africa �married pensioner

A photo from open sources

Unusual wedding took place in a small South African commune of Tswana. Eight-year-old Sanela Masileloy offered his hand and heart of mother of five Helen Shabangu, who turned out to be older his fiancé more than seven times. The wedding didn’t stop the fact that the 61-year-old woman has a husband Huffington Post. Despite all these “aggravating” circumstances, marriage ceremony of a child and an elderly woman passed in the atmosphere of a universal holiday. On the young bridegroom was stylish a suit, on the bride – a wedding dress. They watched what was happening. about 100 guests. Little Sanele said that he needed get married about two months ago. According to the child, to him in the late grandfather appeared in whose honor the boy was named, and ordered his grandson to get married as soon as possible. In South Africa, a very take the spirits of their ancestors seriously and their will, so parents the baby in the shortest possible time found $ 2,000, investing this very a high amount for ordinary South African residents in organizing a wedding. how were told by the boy’s relatives, the wedding of the late grandfather Sanela was it is much worse furnished, so there is nothing surprising in that the spirit of the old man desired for the grandson of a full ceremony weddings. During the holiday, the bride and groom exchanged rings, fastening the oath of allegiance with a symbolic kiss. No matter how strange, the husband of 61-year-old Helen Shabangu did not object at all performing such a rite. On the contrary, the man was glad that henceforth, his family will be under reliable protection of spirits. Act the boy’s parents have already been criticized by the neighbors, who considered such an unusual wedding immoral. However, close little Sanele hastened to reassure the public, saying that the marriage of their son and elderly woman is exclusively formal nature and has no legal force. “We have no right ignore the will of the ancestors and really hope that when Sanele grow up, he will find his love and marry for real, “- said the boy’s mother. After the wedding ceremony, the groom and the bride went home. Most likely they don’t live together have to.

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