Ancient houses are like a portal to another reality

Ancient houses in Dnepropetrovsk can not be counted, there are many places that are considered almost the official residence ghosts. For example, a house on Dzerzhinsky Street, 13 is called “damn”, and in the building on Orlovskaya, 6 a sorcerer supposedly once lived with a young wife. An abandoned hospital on Korolenko considered a place of mora where patients used to die, but now various misfortunes haunt those who dare to approach to this building. Ancient houses are like a portal to another realityPhoto from open sources on Leningradskaya. Local complain on voices and light from a candle. Photo: V. Yakovleva However, such legends only attract and stir interest in ancient buildings. In Dnepropetrovsk, their ghostbusters even appeared that explore anomalies. “Today” found out what is happening in ancient buildings.

“Ancient houses are like a portal to another reality,” he said. local ghost hunter, bioenergy Nikita Petrik. – I went around virtually all the old buildings in the city, and everywhere there are its unique energy field. “Petrik is sure: on the ruins those who cannot be seen by ordinary people live. In support of this bioenergy leads a simple experiment: it takes several nights left wine and bread in the old hospital building on Korolenko. When came next time, the wine was drunk, but the bread was not touched. “All animals are afraid of ghosts, especially rats, so they don’t they’re found and don’t eat bread, ”says Nikita.

A young man is studying ancient houses with two more enthusiasts. Young people call themselves volunteers and spend personal research on research. “Of course there are already well-known stories, for example, that in the Trinity Church objects move spontaneously, but there are others in the city places about which anomalous phenomena no one knows – tells Petrik. – So, in the ruined house near the “Bridge City” I I heard groans more than once as if they were torturing someone. And on Leningradskaya when I tried to take a photo of the aura, I did it at all black, and then immediately multicolor, although this can not be. it says I’m not the only one in this room. “Researchers mysterious conduct experiments, leaving in abandoned places video camera for the night, but never record a ghost succeeded: noise always appears on the recording, or image just disappears. When the guy rented the house of the sorcerer on Orlovskaya on a film camera, a translucent silhouette appeared in the photo. Local residents are also not averse to supporting urban folklore and fix anomalies. “I used to not believe in all of these ghosts, but when she retired, she began to notice unusual phenomena, – says a resident of the street. Leningrad Elizabeth Rahuba. – Not far from me there is a dilapidated house, and from there at night often some voices are heard, as if not from this world. In addition, in the surviving parts of the house are made monuments, so the origin these voices and groans are quite clear to me. And once I even saw how at night the candlelight flickered there. She couldn’t fall asleep later, because who is there maybe so late? I asked my grandson in the morning to go check that going on there. He did not find anything suspicious, but the next day came down with symptoms similar to poisoning. “By the way, similar rumors are circulating about the hospital at Korolenko. According to bioenergy, somehow his comrade ridiculed the presence of ghosts, in the end a few months he did not have a relationship with the girls. “Therefore with it’s better not to joke with the other world, ”sums up Petrik.

Hospital on Korolenko. A house in which instead of windows and a roof gaping holes, shrouded in mysticism. Photo: V. Yakovleva

A photo from open sources


“Nothing special happens in these houses, it’s nothing more than just a beautiful fairy tale, urban folklore, – says the senior Researcher, Dnipropetrovsk National Historical Museum them. Yavorntsky Alla Moskalets. – Documentary evidence historians do not have various anomalous phenomena. And here are the treasures in the old found homes, and most likely, in the city there are still many hidden treasures. In the 1980s during the reconstruction of an old house on the street Karl Marx discovered a wax-filled chest with stunning a collection of silverware, now it is stored in our museum. This is a treasure in its classical sense, and so it is regularly found very valuable photographs and documents for historians. ”


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