Ancient Slavic rings and amulet rings: interpretation of ancestors

At a time when the Slavic tribes were not divided into several nationalities, they believed that the role of fate in human life is great. They tried to influence the future with amulets, thanks to which many ordinary people found happiness, wealth, success and a strong family.

Legends about Slavic rings have survived to this day – the strongest amulets that help in various life situations. Their power has not diminished, despite the fact that centuries have passed since their active use.

slavic ring griffin

Magic force

The ancient Slavs believed that thanks to magical rituals one could change one's fate or make one's lot easier. Certain combinations of hand movements attracted the help of the gods into life. The magical influence of almighty idols can be increased with the use of rings. In addition, they will become a talisman that protects from evil spirits in everyday life.

The rings were kept in a family box and were inherited. Each daughter received jewelry from her mother or grandmother, while the rings of fathers and grandfathers passed into the hands of sons. It so happened that for several generations only boys or only girls were born.

Then the rings intended for the representatives of the opposite sex were stored and accumulated strength. The more ancient the Slavic amulet, the greater its influence on the fate of a person and the whole family.

In modern Slavic culture, the ritual of exchanging rings during the wedding ceremony remained. At the beginning of the 11th century, this tradition was broader – the rings were passed from one family member to another, during matchmaking, before the long departure of a beloved, before military campaigns.

Most often, a piece of jewelry passed from an older, stronger person to a younger one. Such a gesture meant not only verbal, but also spiritual connection. The handing over of the ring indicated a strong family relationship, sincere love, or marriage. Thanks to this subtext, the amulet became even stronger.

A stronger bond also appeared between the ring and the owner, allowing everyone to be confident in a magical helper.

Why rings are more powerful than pendants

For a long time, people say that Slavic rings are stronger than pendant charms. This belief is based on the legend of three young men who met face to face with the almighty goddess of Destiny.

On the longest day of the year, when the sun is stronger than the moon and stars, three neighbors went to the fair to see others and show themselves. It was hot outside, so they decided to go through the forest. The fellows are walking along the familiar path, but they cannot get out of the thicket.

They didn't turn off the path anywhere – that means they couldn't get lost. They feel that the forest spirits have decided to play a trick on them.

Then the neighbors began to shout: 'Come out, show yourself who is turning the road, will not let us out of the oak tree!' Just then a tall man appeared before them. Hair, beard, shirt, bast shoes – everything on him is of bright yellow light, as if embroidered from the rays of the sun. 'Well, well done, they deigned to call me – have you decided to compete with Father Sun himself?' The wizard never said another word.

The bravest fellow comes out to him – he has a talisman from his mother on his chest, thanks to which the son emerged victorious from all fist fights. A moment – and there is no old man. As soon as he appeared from the back – and the fellow was already lying, as if the sun was hot.

And there is no powerful talisman around his neck, as if by magic he slipped into the grass, and he stopped protecting the owner.

The second fellow came out – he was wearing a linen shirt, and the hem was embroidered with red threads. What is not a symbol is a talisman against evil forces and the evil eye. But Father Sun also dealt with him. The young man lay down on the grass opposite his comrade. Himself in underwear, and underneath – the same shirt. And the cunning wizard coped with this amulet.

The third fellow is a smart and dexterous guy. On his hand is a Slavic ring, which came from his father. Feels – the ring itself wants to slip off. Then the young man clenched his hand into a fist, thwarted the plans of the forest spirit.

And thanks to the magic amulet, Father Sun could not defeat the young man. 'Yours took – you are well protected. Ask what you want. ' Then the young man was delighted, asked for a large farm, so that the old parents would not be ashamed to marry off their son for a beautiful craftsman. The loser sun god fulfilled the wish and disappeared, as if he had never been on the path.

When 2 fellows woke up, they listened to a story about a neighbor's victory. Since then, the ancient Slavs have developed a clear idea of ​​the power of ring talismans.

Slavic rings amulets

Slavic amulets are divided according to gender. It so happened historically that some rings were worn exclusively by men, while others only by women. If you break traditions, then the rings will not be able to fully reveal their power.

ring carol


Amulet rings that have long been worn only by men:

  • The Christmas carol is a special symbol that personifies the dominant position of a man. Thanks to such a piece of jewelry, the owner will be able to easily manage groups of people or even an entire company, to foresee the consequences of each of the actions.
  • The Agishyalm ring is a talisman that allows a man to find his weaknesses and eliminate them. At the same time, the decoration will strengthen other aspects of the character, which will allow the owner to develop as a person. After that, self-development will be faster.
  • Molvinets is a ring that will point a man on the right path with a moral choice. With the help of jewelry, a young man will be able to predict his future if he prefers one of the two options.
  • Bird rings have long protected family men. They allow you to solve problems in your personal life, and also cement the love of two partners for each other.
  • The amulet-ring of the god Khors in dark color will allow a person to always remain on his own. If light metal was used for the ring, then such an amulet will allow a man to quickly deal with problems, after which a white streak in life will begin.
  • Rings with animal footprints will allow a man to reveal his hidden fears and get rid of them. Due to the regular appeal to the talisman, the owner will curb the fear, which will make him invincible in the eyes of others.


Slavic women's amulet rings:

  • The world tree ring allows a woman to become a true keeper of the family hearth. The decoration will give the owner a developed intuition, the desire to take care of her husband and children. At the same time, other positive qualities of the girl will increase.
  • Rodovik is a talisman that has a positive effect on the girl's health. Thanks to such a magical assistant, anyone can overcome the disease. Such an amulet is also recommended to be worn during pregnancy in order to give birth to a healthy and strong baby.
  • Women's Triglav Ring has a positive effect on three areas of life. Firstly, on personal life: the owner will be able to find her ideal life partner. Secondly, for a career: the lady will be able to realize herself in her vocation. Thirdly, in relationships with loved ones: a woman will be surrounded by support and love.
  • Slavic rings depicting flowers, berries or plants will give the hostess eternal youth and beauty. No matter how tired and busy a lady is, she always has time to relax and put her own body in order.
  • A ring with a cone or a clover petal will bring good luck and happiness. Many pleasant events will make the owner feel that her life is filled with positive energy.
  • Slavic rings with images in the form of animals enhance those personality traits that are personified by the animals depicted. Rings with a fox will affect cunning, with a cat – on the ability to find solutions to problems, with a hare – on mystery and the ability to confuse one's tracks.

To protect the child

According to Slavic legends, there are rings that protect the child from birth. While the baby is growing up, the ring can be hung on a white, red or yellow ribbon above the bed. In the future, a girl or boy will be able to wear jewelry, and the connection with a magical object will be stronger.

  • The ring, which depicts a bird and a chick, will protect the child from rash acts. He will act according to his conscience, not forgetting the opinion of his parents. Also, thanks to the amulet, the connection between mother and daughter or son and father will strengthen.
  • If the Fehu runes are applied to the Slavic ring, then in the future the child will be able to build his life in wealth and luxury. Such a talisman will become a guarantee of prestige, quick career advancement, as well as financial savings.
  • The amulet-the power of life will allow the son and daughter to grow up without serious health problems. All ailments will bypass the child. In addition, his immunity will be enhanced. Many therapists advise wearing the ring when dealing with a cold or common ailment.
  • The svarozich ring will protect the growing family member from bad habits. Neither cigarettes, nor alcohol, nor drugs will attract him. Thanks to the magic amulet, adolescence will pass safely.

slavic amulet ring

How to activate the Slavic amulet ring

Each amulet must be activated, otherwise its power will be incomplete. After a certain ritual, a connection will appear between the owner and the amulet. Step-by-step algorithm for activating the ring:

  1. The best option for getting a ring would be a gift from a loved one. If the future owner buys an amulet in a store, the ring will be no less powerful.
  2. After purchase, you need to put the ring on a saucer and pour a small amount of boiled or bottled water. At the same time they say: 'Living water, revive the two rings. One is on the plate, the other is inside. ' These words must be repeated 3 times.
  3. The ring is taken out and hung on a red thread. Swinging the resulting pendant from oneself and to oneself, they say: 'Red is the color of blood, love and goodness. Let this thread protect me. Let the ring not lose connection with her, so that it helps me. ' The words must also be repeated 3 times, without stopping swinging the rope with the ring.
  4. After the ceremony, you must hide the used thread in a closet with underwear. It is there that she will extend her protection to things that the owner wears directly on the body.
  5. It is recommended to wear the Slavic ring regularly so that the connection with the owner is not lost. The amulet must be worn during the holidays.

The Slavic ring with runic designations is a strong amulet that protects a person from difficulties, makes life easier, and helps to strengthen certain human qualities. You can choose an assistant not only by gender, but also by the area of ​​life that the talisman will affect.

There are also children's bricks that will help the owner throughout his life. Before using a magic item, you must activate the ring. The wearer can then be sure that he has released the maximum power of the ring.

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