And a miracle happened – the moon rose rectangular forms!

And a miracle happened - the moon rose in a rectangular shape!Photo from open sources

The rising and setting of the moon always seems like a mystery to man, because Selena at that moment suddenly becomes unnatural huge, as if touching the horizon of the Earth, it acquires new ones – special properties.

A photo from open sources

And indeed a person is watching at that moment that fiery moon, strawberry, but certainly distorted in size, not at all such as she “walks” across the sky, significantly breaking away from the horizon. So the American, who lives in Maine, recently decided remove this amazing moment – the birth of the morning moon. However to to his surprise, Selena, who appeared on the horizon of the sea, at that time turned out to be not only huge, but also … square (see photo below). The moon looked more like a ghostly iceberg in the ocean than heavenly luminary (albeit not the main thing).

The surprised man immediately posted a photograph on the Internet, asking users if anyone saw something like this and if so, how does the moon do this? Meteorologists boasted that they managed to solve the mystery of the moon-iceberg – this amazing and amazing sight. “Lunar iceberg,” they write, of course, the same illusion as the huge Selena that a person observes on the horizon every time. But if the moon increases for thanks to us … (more on that later), in this case, distortion the appearance of her disk was due to a certain combination warm and cold air.

A photo from open sources

The explanation, I must say, is too vague and nothing explaining, isn’t it? This is why many internet users (and especially witnesses to this rarest phenomenon) disagree with version of scientists. Firstly, no one has ever seen such a thing that suggests the unearthly origin of the effect Moon iceberg. Secondly, scientists even in battered versions already the explanations for the illusion of a “huge Selena on the horizon” are still not put all the dots over the “and”. If this is a property of our brain, which, according to physicists, on the horizon compares the moon or The sun (the same effect) with earthly objects and therefore celestial bodies seem bigger then why even through a black filter that removes everything around, luminaries continue to be large? AND there are still many inexplicable questions, so the square moon, which the American photographed to explain like this with a kondachka, probably will not work …

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