And a miracle happened – the sun rose, or rather – as many as three

And a miracle happened - the sun rose, or rather - as many as threeA photo from open sources

The inhabitants of Mongolia recently witnessed how over their country three suns rose at once. The picture is bewitching and clearly mystical.

However, scientists say that there is no mysticism in this, not even grains of fiction. This is a completely understandable natural phenomenon, which has its name – pargelium. Not to say that Pargy often occurs, but it is observed here and there on our planet.

The luminary in this case is in the middle, and on its sides – just optical reflections. There is such an illusion because accumulations of snow crystals in the atmosphere (at an altitude of approximately six thousand meters above the ground), which “form” false the sun. Moreover, there can be not only two of them, false, for example, in China immediately watched five stars in the sky. Spectacle of course surprisingly beautiful, almost fabulous. No coincidence in Mongolia in this day the sunrise of the three luminaries became the most desired object for photo and filming.

In ancient times, people considered this a bad omen. and tried to somehow soften the wrath of the Gods with their cleaner thoughts and righteous actions. Modern earthlings, of course, it doesn’t come to mind, because for them everything is clear and understandable. It is also known that in antiquity there were two suns. But is it, when you consider that in our life there is nothing accidental (ancient wisdom)? ..

The sun

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