And come up with more and more perfect … crutches

And come up with more and more perfect ... crutchesPhoto from open sources Today for many thinking people is obvious the fact that humanity in its development has gone the wrong way, that is, instead of developing the data given to him from Nature (or from God, who prefer what) unlimited abilities, say, in levitation, telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, finally, complete body regeneration, it chose a wretched man-made path, and now sophisticated in perfecting more and more crutches.

After all, all of our aircraft and cars, mobile communications and all kinds of equipment right up to computers is essentially crutches. Them we replaced those amazing superpowers that are hidden in man and who today only occasionally erupt in rare unique ones (for example, indigo children demonstrate them).

Therefore, all the achievements of modern science, although they impress us, however, if you think about what we have lost instead of all these primitive technical inventions, then just … tears on eyes.

For example, read the sensational news – Canadian scientists in chapter with Dr. Webb invented miraculous implants for eyes that are not only able to correct vision, but also make it in three or four times better. It seems wonderful, but the same effect today can be achieved by correcting one’s vision according to M. Norbekov’s system or V. Zhdanova, and even improving it to infinity, because in their the possibilities of any person is like God. No wonder the Russian master Left-handed horseshoe flea, and even on each clove a horseshoe made the inscription without any optical devices (and this is a historical fact). IN there are people in the world who can see the tiniest things for tens and even hundreds of kilometers.

However, according to the system of the same Norbekov, vision can be corrected and improve for free, and Webb implants (by the way, they are still in the project and it is not yet known what will come of it) even according to preliminary estimates are pulled by ten thousand dollars – how much it will cost healthy eyes. By the way, at one time Japan abandoned the method Norbekov to correct vision throughout the nation. Yes, the Japanese agreed, it’s cheap and very effective, but … production glasses and contact lenses are organically woven into the whole economy, which otherwise (if all Japanese give up points) just crashing down. But Webb’s invention, I think, will not violate the economy of the land of the rising sun …

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The professor’s recent statement is even more striking. Yuval Noah Harari (Jerusalem, Hebrew University) and a neuroscientist Hannah Kritchlow (University of Cambridge) in the coming two hundred years on the basis of a computer an artificial brain will be created, no different from human (and even surpassing it in performance and capabilities). This, according to scientists, allow a person to live inside a cyborg machine forever. According to Kritchlow, to upload a personality to such a machine is only necessary condition for the computer to recreate all the connections made in the brain human natural mechanism.

And it’s all? But what about the soul? About her, scientists somehow completely forgot. The soulless crutches remain the same wretched crutches, moreover, they do not advance humanity one iota forward in their spiritual development. Therefore, we are still (like two thousand years ago) stupid and selfish, envious and petty, and so Further. But how could it be otherwise, because there are not enough crutches for everyone, and we still, like small unreasonable children, we pull a common blanket over ourselves, not understanding the simple divine truth: the more you give – the more and get it. Only how to understand and feel this divine a spark if we are all in crutches, from head to toe, from morning to evening, and even at night we continue to rely on them with all sores and ulcers my tormented soul …

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