And the linen will become brighter

And the linen will become brighterPhotos from open sources

A modern automatic washing machine is a great invention our time. Today it’s even hard to find a family in which this wonderful helper. However, some housewives are surprised find that washing machines do not rinse the laundry well. AND are upset because of this. Yes, with your hands, of course, you can rinse is better, but how much extra work at the same time …

However, you should not be upset. Just after washing start the machine again – rinse, adding it to it before a few tablespoons of salt or a cup of white vinegar. These funds effectively remove soap residues adhering to the fibers. Then linen will become not only cleaner, but also brighter.

And don’t be afraid if it smells a bit like vinegar (if it application). After everything dries, the smell is completely will disappear.

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