When exercise is bad for health

When exercise is unhealthyPhoto from open sources

Blind following newfangled wellness systems, for example, passion for all kinds of diets often leads in the opposite the result, that is, a person instead of healing earns an additional bouquet of diseases.

So, the well-known jogging is only useful to everyone. provided that it is carried out in environmentally friendly places. The use of any physical activity in modern cities, say, the same running, cycling and so on can only worsen human health.

Belgian scientists conducted a study that found that in in a modern metropolis with polluted air, it’s better not to use exercise to promote health. Researchers tested several healthy men in special chamber with polluted air – at the level of modern big city. In the first case, the men were in a state peace, in the second – actively moved.

Experience has shown that in exercise, blood circulation in men worsened, but at rest no changes was observed. It turns out that people doing the same jogging along the streets of a city crowded cars, seriously endanger their cardiovascular system. Is it because he died of cardiac fit father of jogging jim fix who was just 52 years old? Moreover, he died just while jogging …


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