Do you have problems with your teeth?

Do you have problems with your teeth?Photos from open sources

It will be primarily about tartar, which you need be sure to delete, otherwise, sooner or later, periodontitis awaits you, and there, and to more serious problems – one step. However go to the dentist does not want to. And all this is expensive!

Fortunately, there is a fairly simple folk recipe that It helps to quickly and easily get rid of this toothache. And in the future, this tool will allow you to forget about tartar forever, as well as other problems with the oral cavity.

So, take forty grams of walnut shells, pour them with a glass of water (200 milliliters) and cook it all at a slow fire twenty minutes. In the resulting broth (when it cools down) soak your toothbrush for about ten minutes (better more than less). Then with this brush, without any pastes and other We carefully brush our teeth.

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The procedure should be done three times a day, if we treat a dental a rock. In a couple of weeks, only memories will remain from the disease (of course, it all depends on the neglect of the disease itself). In any clean the case three times a day until the tartar disappears completely.

Then you can go into preventive mode – brush your teeth walnut broth once a day. This remedy helps a lot. only of tartar, but also generally cleanses the oral cavity, heals gums, keeps teeth strong and healthy until deep old age.

But what about toothpastes? Remember what you did to everyone Professor Preobrazhensky’s similar contagion in Dog’s Heart Mikhail Bulgakov – in their stove, in the stove!

After that, we make the toothpaste on our own. In a small a jar, for example, from mustard, we fall asleep three tablespoons of baking soda (no longer needed, the paste should be constantly fresh), add there a few drops of lemon juice and dilute to gruel hydrogen peroxide – everything, a great pasta is ready! Not only overdo it when you brush your teeth, it’s still soda – abrasive material, better with a finger, just with a finger, especially while massaging the gums. And brush the teeth under end, after soaking it in a nut broth. And let yours teeth will always be healthy – white and beautiful!


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