Worsened hearing? No problem

Worse hearing? Doesn't matterPhotos from open sources

However, how to say, but in fact – a disaster, and even what. Especially if you don’t know what to do and how get rid of.

Of course, you can (and even need) to urgently see a doctor, here only, as practice shows, doctors help only five percent of all hearing impairment cases. Isn’t that why we have the country is in great demand with hearing aids, which, unfortunately, do not solve this problem, especially when a person’s hearing is not only getting worse, but noise is also appearing in his head. But the hearing aid enhances not only external, but also these internal noises.

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So, let’s look at folk remedies that allow solve this serious problem.

Hearing is a serious matter

For example, with noises in the head, anise seeds help well. It should be a tablespoon of powder from them (grind in a coffee grinder) pour 125 milliliters of rosehip oil (sold in pharmacies) and this the mixture in a dark glass bottle put in a dark and certainly cool place (storage room is quite suitable) for three weeks, not forgetting to shake it daily. When the medicine is ready, put it in your ears two drops at night – until the noise in your head will pass.

If you are prone to otitis media and other diseases of the ears (have already been problems, but not very serious yet), eat for prevention daily at least a quarter of a peeled lemon. Help in this case also aloe leaves if you keep at home it medicinal plant. Grind two small pieces and mix with honey – and so every day.

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Want to improve your hearing (you suddenly began to notice that it is deteriorating), mix a clove of crushed (grated) garlic with three drops of camphor oil using gauze and the resulting mixture make a swab and put it in your sore ear. Once you will feel a strong burning sensation, immediately remove the medicine from the ear or shift to another.

Onions – another great folk remedy for problems with ears. It is necessary to rub and squeeze onion juice daily with a calculation, to instill three drops in each ear. You need to do this in for a month, then a break for two months, then repeat. By the way, this tool easily eliminates plugs in the ears.

Natural butter also helps resolve earpieces. Problems. It is melted, cooled to a warm state, and instill in the ears one drop. Sometimes just a few similar procedures to improve hearing.

Good hearing – prevention and prudent use of it

And finally, do not neglect healing gymnastics for improve hearing. Put your finger in your ear as tightly and sharply as possible pull out. Press the ears firmly with your palms and sharply remove them. Massage the ears, pressing them to the head, palms clockwise. All these exercises are best done in the morning, repeating up to twenty time.

And do not forget the main rule: any disease is easier to warn than to treat later. Therefore, if you have so far with hearing everything is in order, at least once a week use therapeutic exercises for the ears described above. This is in most cases quite enough that you never have a hearing problem.

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And finally, protect your ears from loud sounds, than suffer modern youth, accustomed to listening to music through headphones “on full volume. “If you have a predisposition to this, know that the rumor damaged in this way is not restored to you no drugs will help – neither folk nor pharmacological.

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