Diseases are easily avoided with the palms of the hands and fingers

Diseases are easy to avoid with the palms and fingersA photo from open sources

Probably each of us has heard or read what palmistry is – predictions about the future and much more with one thing a particular person by his hand. However, not everyone knows that in our palm, not only what is awaited us is “spelled out”, but also ours health.

We will not go into details what symptoms (signs) indicate a particular disease (this is a whole science, which is quite everyone can comprehend, the blessing that material on this subject in There is plenty of Internet), we want to attract the attention of those who don’t going to become neither a professional palmist nor palmist-doctor, but, nevertheless, ready with the help of his palms and simple manipulations with them to stimulate your health, paying particular attention to the weakest points in it.

And for this it’s enough to get acquainted with the communication scheme of individual points and zones of the palm with our internal organs and others body systems. And if you have, for example, a weak heart, then massage more often, press down (preferably with essential oils) corresponding points in the middle (closer to the left edge – see scheme in the photo) palm. If your legs hurt, massage the phalanges ring finger, and so on.

A photo from open sources

Diseases are not only easy to track, but also prevented with hands. At least rub your palms against each other more often, massage your fingers, click them, “shoot” with all your fingers and Be sure to get acquainted with such an amazing science of antiquity as “Buddhist mudras.” This is also work with fingers, but with their positions, with the creation of certain figures from the fingers. Buddhist wise, as many who use this practice say, It’s not clear how, but they quickly and easily solve many problems with health. And not only with health, for example, they can to attract luck into your life, money, finally, love …


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