Avoid aluminum products!

Avoid aluminum products!Photos from open sources of

And especially aluminum cutlery, such as spoons, forks, mugs, bowls, all kinds of containers that were so widely distributed in Soviet canteens, in the army – generally in food service network of the USSR.

As German researchers at the University of Kiel found out, it’s aluminum provokes terrible diseases like Alzheimer’s, Encephalopathy – and, in general, leads to damage and rapid aging human brain.

According to scientists, in the brain tissue of patients, even in the initial stage of the above diseases contains too much the amount of aluminum, which gives reason to conclude that patients constantly used household appliances (e.g. cutlery) or used some drugs based on aluminum. By the way people working with aluminum, say, in production, do not expose themselves less risk of brain damage that is fatal to our organism, almost toxic metal.

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According to German researchers, even if a person doesn’t earns Alzheimer’s disease or Encephalopathy, tightly in contact with aluminum in life, he puts himself at great risk to get further senile dementia.

Of course, scientists make a reservation, all of the above diseases often arise from a genetic predisposition to them, however do not forget that domestic (invisible to the eye) poisoning aluminum can take place much more often nowadays than bad genes. After all, aluminum surrounds us everywhere, because we always considered him and still consider harmless material, why widely used in the food industry and in everyday life, say, producing for these needs all kinds of aluminum containers, forms, packaging, dishes (aluminum food) …

A photo from open sources

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