… And the night suddenly turned into a day

... And the night suddenly turned into dayPhotos from open sources of

This video was shot the other day in the small American village of Bethel Clermont County, Ohio County. The owner of the house, in the courtyard of which a surveillance camera was installed (it was she who recorded strange phenomenon), Tim Walker with his daughter Caroline late January evening went outside to ship a container with garbage to the assembly site, and at the same time breathe fresh air before bedtime.

At some point, the darkness of the sky suddenly illuminates a mysterious with light, and a man and a girl stop at a loss. how then Caroline will tell reporters of the local Fox19 channel, this it was very surprising and even scary. Because the night is suddenly turned into a day, albeit for a few seconds of each flash, but what it was – it’s not clear!

Her father will add that the flashes were somewhat like explosions in heaven, to use some kind of weapon. Tim Walker served in the army and knows what it is. But in this case, he says, was not heard no sound, not even the smallest that usually occurs when use of explosives. Moreover, the flashes were multi-colored, and they more like a powerful illumination, again soundless.

A photo from open sources

The camera captured purple, red and orange lights, which illuminate the space near the road on which cars go. However, her lens was not directed to the sky, namely there above the very action of this mysterious phenomenon took place. And it was bewitching – bright for half the sky, colorful and … quiet.

Bethel police confirmed that mysterious flashes in the sky observed by many residents of the village, some then called department and asked if the police do not know what it is. But law enforcement officers did not know. Some of them first suggested it’s a thunderstorm and lightning sparkles, but it was very cold outside (a winter thunderstorm is generally rare), and no peals of thunder no one heard.

Electrical company Duke Energy told Fox19 reporters, that just at that time, interruptions in the supply were recorded electricity, as reported to them by users. But at the same time Company employees did not identify any problems with the equipment.

Facebook users where the video and Walker’s story, it was suggested that they were aliens or tricks, or the work of the so-called Blue Beam (“Blue Ray”) – project US government and NASA to manage the consciousness of the vast masses people. Blue Beam may cause uncontrolled panic or, on the contrary, euphoria. Independent researchers suggest that it was the Blue Ray that was used in Washington during the inauguration of Barack Obama when the black man comes to the White House all citizens, even those who were ardent an adversary of such an election. It’s believed that at that moment it’s just run around the Blue Beam, but in general this project was created to hoax planetary cataclysms, say alien attacks, advents Messiahs and so on. The true goals of the creators of the “Blue Ray” unknown, but its local application, conspiracy theorists say, fixed in the world more and more often, like world rulers getting ready to use this psychotronic weapon in a planetary scale.

So did Tim Walker and his daughter see the Blue Beam? ..


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