Anna Green: The Woman Who Outwitted death

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December 14, 1650. On this day in the good old England, in the city Oxford, executed Anna Green, accused of killing her a child.

Engraving dedicated to Anna Green

A photo from open sources

This twenty-two-year-old village girl worked as a maid in Sir Thomas Reed’s house and was seduced by his grandson, Jeffrey Reed. After Anna became pregnant, Jeffrey Reed rejected her. Naive Anna Green hid her pregnancy, and therefore at birth a premature dead boy she hid his body.

However, a stillborn child was found, and its terrible appearance gave reason to accuse Anna of murder. She was taken into custody, and the court sentenced her to a punishment quite normal for those times – public execution by hanging. The execution was carried out on purpose intended for such executions – Cattle Yard Square at Oxford, Saturday, December 14, 1650

After the priest sings psalms, the official manager of the execution told the audience about the essence of the crime and condemned the family Reed, who did not take proper care of the girl. Then there was executed the execution procedure. Anna Green climbed to the gallows, on her a noose was thrown around his neck and a ladder was knocked out from under his feet. Some of the spectators present at the execution hung on Anna’s feet with all their weight, trying to speed up the death of the condemned, to deprive her excessive torment and pain.

However, the executioner, fearing that the rope would break, forced his volunteer assistants leave the body alone. Anna Green remained hanging in the loop for about half an hour. Her body was put in the coffin and carried to the house of Dr. William Petty, 1623-1687), a professor of anatomy at Oxford University, so as in accordance with the Decree of King Charles I (1636) all corpses executed within 21 miles of Oxford were to be transferred Faculty of Medicine.

It should be noted that until 1549 anatomical studies on Oxford University School of Medicine was banned. This prohibition was forced to cancel by King Edward VI, outraged because the doctors treating his bladder did not know how he arranged.

By decree of King Edward VI, every medical student was required take part in at least four autopsies, with two of them were to be performed independently. This is an innovation. caused a real “hunt for corpses”, and the solution came only a hundred years later, thanks to the aforementioned King’s Decree Charles I of 1636

When Dr. William Petty (William Petty, 1623-1687), Thomas Willis (Thomas Willis, 1622-1675), Ralph Bathurst, 1620-1692) and others gathered to open and opened the coffin, they noticed that the chest of the “corpse” makes respiratory movements, and heard some bubbling rattles. Leaving immediately all thoughts regarding the upcoming autopsy, pundits have begun take all possible measures to return a woman to life.

They removed Anna Green from the coffin, opened their teeth and poured into their mouths strong drink. This caused a cough reflex in the “corpse” that prompted the assembled doctors to continue the return of Anna Green to life is even more energetic. They became wipe and massage her arms and legs. After a quarter hour of the doctor again poured into her mouth a strong drink and began to tickle her throat bird feather, after which Anna opened her eyes for a moment.

Then she was bled and released 5 ounces of blood. Continuing to rub their arms and legs, the doctors laid on the limbs Anne harnesses to increase the amount of blood flowing to to the brain. After that, they again gave her a strong drink, and set a hot enema in order to increase body temperature. Then Anna Green was put to bed next to another woman performing the role of the heating pad to keep the body alive of the living victim executions.

After twelve hours, Anna Green was able to say a few words, and the next day I could answer questions. After 2 days at her memory was completely restored to everything that was before the moment executions. After 4 days, she could already eat solid food, and after a month fully recovered.

In the protocol of the return to life of Anne Green Dr. William Petty and Thomas Willis detailed and detailed his observations regarding the patient’s pulse, respiratory rate and type, condition consciousness and memory. Two weeks after the execution, she became dimly to remember the events of this day and some person in a gray cloak, probably the executioner. It was noted that her face remained for many days red and edematous, and the strangulation Fissure with a knot print.

After a full recovery, Anna Green was pardoned. by special decision of the court and the head of the Oxford prison, who sensibly judged that since the Lord God gave Anna Green life, then the court has no right to annul the decisions of the Almighty. She returned to her village, she lived another 15 years and gave birth to three children.

A life

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