Anomalies of Aksay: Why are the caves in Aksai flooded tons of concrete?

A photo from open sources

Aksay’s catacombs are taboo for residents of the city. tunnels stretch for many kilometers underground and are created as Many believe, thousands of years ago. Who created these tunnels and which builders had goals, it is not yet known. Entrance a underground there are a lot of labyrinths. Very often strange sounds are heard from their bowels. sounds, creaks. There were cases when cattle grazing near the entrances mysteriously disappeared. Found only half-nibbled bones. All this gives the dungeon a mystical character. After second World war data catacombs attracted the military who were going to use them as bunkers. Immediately ran over surveyors, architects. Grandfather Artemy, a local resident: ”In 53, this was, as I remember now. The military arrived, five cars. some measurements, took soil samples. Day for the third officer and two soldiers went to the caves for reconnaissance, and we are still small then were, it was interesting. That’s how they went there and did not go out. Arrived immediately the chief of staff, organized a search. They gave walkie-talkies, everything is like and they disappeared, the connection was lost. Then they decided to send already a whole detachment, a man with ten. Well, they found the missing, they were in an unknown way, the bodies were cut to pieces. ” When an officer a service weapon was found that melted when exposed high temperatures, the radio was cut into two parts, such feeling like a laser. The bodies also had thermal burns. After of this incident, most of the entrances to the caves were flooded tons of concrete seven hundredth grade, which is used for construction bridges. What so scared the military with a firearm and nuclear weapons, what made them hastily retreat? stopped in this area, and there are signs in front of all the entrances “danger zone.” In the nineties, the catacombs of the city of Aksai attracted Masons. For a long time they searched for something, dug, dug, found or not not It’s only clear that it was not a treasure, but something more valuable, since millions were spent on searches. Diggers also afraid of these caves after one incident. Maxim, a digger with experience: ”IN 2007 friends and I decided to come to Aksai and explore these caves and dispel many scary legends. But we made sure that the old the stories are not without truth. We walked only a hundred meters and the wall behind us began to move, the idea was supposed to overlap, but see the mechanism failed and the wall only half blocked back tunnel. We decided not to go further and go back. ” Вthe city of Aksai is legendary that Satan himself lives in the bowels of Aksai, ancient ancestors sacrificed to this creature. Tunnels abound traps that can kill a person. While the mystery of the Aksai caves remains a mystery.


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