Anomalies of Chinese Lake Poyan

Anomalies of Chinese Lake PoyanA photo from open sources

China has its own Bermuda Triangle. This is Lake Pojan (Pojanhu) – the largest freshwater lake in the territory China. There are many eerie stories associated with Lake Pojan.

Missing Yacht

“I remember once, in the winter of 2001, we were on a lake, and that’s all it was good, but the weather changed dramatically, says a local resident named Zhang Xiaojing. – The waves suddenly became so fierce that we turned the boats and sailed back. But not everyone managed to reach the shore. The nose of a boat carrying sand suddenly tilted, and soon the whole boat disappeared under the water.

The storm lasted less than 20 minutes, and very quickly everything returned to normal, as if nothing had happened. “Only in the memory of Zhang Xiaojin in the lake sank more than 200 boats. Among them are not only simple fishing, but also large durable yachts. More recently, in front of everyone a yacht with a displacement of 1,000 tons turned upside down, although it stood sunny day and there was not even a hint of a storm.

How not to go crazy

Over the past thirty years, more than one and a half drowned in the waters of the lake thousands of people. Those who managed to escape during shipwrecks, – gone crazy.

A photo from open sources

On April 16, 1945, a Japanese military boat sank in this lake. All 20 crew members died. And when the Japanese sent a squad divers to raise the boat, then he disappeared underwater. Is back only one person. For several days he was in a state of shock, there was a mask of horror on his face. Soon this only survivor the diver is crazy.

August 3, 1985 at the same time 13 fishing boats sank in the waters of the lake near Laoy Temple (the temple is located on the north the shore of the lake). Nobody managed to escape. Despite numerous attempts to track down these boats and the remains of fishermen, nothing has yet been discovered.

Another incredible case related to mysterious waters. Lake, occurred in 1977. Three were built on the lake that year dams – specifically to protect coasts and fishing boats from suddenly flying storms. In the same year, one dam – a huge dam 600 meters long and more than 50 meters wide in one night completely silently disappeared under water.

Mysterious wind

Scientists exploring the lake, note that the wind over it a mysterious pond can blow simultaneously in a variety of directions and change completely unpredictably. Even spray with the tops of the waves fly for some reason not in a straight line, but flying into different the sides in the form of the letter V. What caused such masterful behavior wind and spray – it’s not yet possible to explain.

A photo from open sources

However, despite all these horrors, local fishermen regularly go out into the waters of Lake Poyan and fish there. The locals say that a storm can begin at any time, but if you closely monitor the slightest changes – wind direction, altitude and direction waves, no matter how far they appear, you can catch time from the storm go to shore-protected places. But such experienced fishermen are very few, and therefore few people risk going on their own into the waters of the lake Poyan.


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