Anomalies of the Medvedets ridge

A photo from open sources

In the summer of 2007, members of the Volga group for the study of nuclear weapons and the detachment Volzhsky-Cosmopoisk under the direction of the eniologist Valery Borisovich Moskalyov several times went to the anomalous zone in the north Volgograd region, known as the Medveditskaya ridge. By eyewitnesses noted increased UFO activity over the territory of the zone. Every night there were spans of glowing objects in the form of stars, paired stars and occasionally triangular stars high in the starry sky. Attempts to photograph unidentified objects are most often unsuccessful due to their weak glow. However, in some pictures at high magnification, you can was to get images. The day of August 22 will be remembered by many residents of the Volgograd region by the fact that at 21 hours 50 minutes during 3-5 minutes they observed a flight in the sky at an altitude of 30-400 bright luminous bodies with long plumes of fire or products of combustion. The body flew from southeast to northwest. I am soon after 22 in the evening they called from Zhirnovsk, Dubovka, Volgograd. IN The following days, there were many calls and meetings with eyewitnesses. Had to even go to the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain and drive along a number of villages (Rybachy, Starenky, Swan Polyana, Fish-breeding, etc.), since there came numerous, but largely contradictory intelligence. We managed to find witnesses, one of whom, Sergey Sorokin, gave us 6 pictures of an unknown flying body with digital camera in good performance. However qualify the body as a typical UFO I would not. It was like a comet, that entered the Earth’s atmosphere and fell apart, or rather, combustion in the atmosphere of a large artificial earth satellite: flight very similar in structure and features to combustion in the atmosphere Soviet station “Mir”. Only the angle of inclination was very small, it was an almost horizontal flight. It was strange that subsequently neither astronomers nor the military commented in any way this is a phenomenon. And it was watched by many, and many media of Volgograd and local television gave him their attention. However span luminous body in some areas of the Volgograd region observed in a slightly different form than most saw. TO for example, in Zhirnovsk, a city near the anomalous zone, a teacher Larisa Sinkova, as usual on a summer evening, sat up until late the yard of your house. The woman did not immediately notice the sound, resembling the sound of a strong gust of wind. But turning around on him dumbfounded: right to her yard from the southeast at low altitude, but at two large cigar-shaped objects, meters thirty each. In front of each of them were two portholes are visible through which a muffled stream shine. Approaching, objects began to decline directly into the courtyard, where Larisa Mikhailovna stood. When before they touched the earth remained seconds, a frightened woman rushed into the house, locked all doors and windows and sat there for a long time, beside herself with horror before what she saw … Then she called her brother in Volgograd with the question: what did she do? My brother, Alexander Litvinov, called me in Volzhsky … More a detailed picture of the UFO hovering informed Valery Moskalyov his a friend from the village of Peskovka, which is located directly in abnormal area. There are 180 inhabitants in the village, and all of them that night on August 22 were agitated, did not sleep almost all night because of a UFO. By her the story, at half past ten in the evening it suddenly became light on the street, like in the afternoon. The TV immediately stopped working. The light blinked too went out. When people jumped out onto the street, they saw that above their house UFO plate-shaped low. Due to the large size the object they thought that he would now demolish the antenna on the roof, and from fear all ran away from home. Plate hung for minutes 10-15, then soared abruptly under the very clouds and went towards the village Novelty Residents who poured out of their homes managed to make out portholes around the entire plate. However, it became further incomprehensible happen. There was some kind of flash in the clouds, something like a ray appeared, and a UFO with a roar and bursts of fire divided into three parts. They say it felt like at the top, someone strikes a lighter, and the plate turns into fiery balls. Then this fiery bright yellow body flew south, to the side Kamyshin and Volgograd. UFO activity continued in subsequent days. On August 25 in the evening, V.B. Moskalev was in the village of Barbashi in Volga-Akhtuba floodplain, beyond the Volga opposite Volgograd. About 23 in the evening in the sky appeared a UFO in the shape of a triangle, at the tops whose identification lights burned, shimmering now blue, now yellow then red. The ship began to circle slowly Volga, over the Barbash, over the village of Repino and descend lower and lower. IN at one point he flew over Barbash so low order 100 meters that Moskalev managed to make only one frame on the phone. The part of the “three-star” with some loopholes is visible on the frame. In fact, only a powerful luminescence emerging from the UFO was captured. Moreover, the UFO has changed its shape! At first it looked like a triangular a Stealth plane, then turned into a box, then into a ball. UFO activity in the Volga region in August and September is noted by many researchers. There is some strange vanity in the night sky. It feels like UFOs are chasing each other. It is unclear whether is this activity with warnings of troubled years to come? Observations of Volga ufologists continue. Gennady Belimov

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