Anomalous Grave Cape

Anomalous Grave CapePhotos from open sources

This place is located in the center of the Tomsk region – specifically in Chainsky area and has the form of a narrow, towering over the surrounding swamps of a land plot 300 meters long. Cape is abnormally known fast vegetation of plants and the whole growth with tall cedars, thanks to which, even on a sunny day, twilight reigns supreme.

People who get here experience a feeling of depression and fear. In addition, their heart rate quickens and arrhythmia is noted. Animals and do try to get around the Grave Cape side. The people here Vostochny and Vargater villages, this place is considered damned. Some saw unidentified flying objects above the cape …

Causes of anomaly of the Grave headland

According to scientists, at a 10-kilometer depth near Mogilny iron ore lies over the cape, and it is here where the joint of the layers passes, carrying opposite magnetic charges.

But the anomalies see the reason for what is happening in that nearby are burial sites of Kulay culture. In their opinion, ancient sanctuaries created an energy field that affects the psychophysics of people and animals.

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As for the locals, they have two hypotheses. According to the first, until the 1970s, a burial ground was located near the cape radioactive waste arranged by the Siberian Chemical Combine. This waste was transported through a narrow gauge railway and simply drowned in the swamps here. The second version says that near the Grave the cape landed the steps of the spacecraft launched from Baikonur …

Discovery of the Grave Cape for study

This abnormal zone in 1984. opened for science sverdlovsky journalist M. Glukhov, who, while on a business trip, stayed in East. Then he learned from the inhabitants of the village about Cape with relict cedars. Interested in these stories, Glukhov decided to study the anomalous zone.

The journalist wrote in his diary that absolute silence reigns on the cape, which does not violate the rustle of cedar branches, nor the singing of birds, but the earth covered in cold gloom. The further Glukhov advanced to the extremity The grave cape, the more anxious and dreary it became on his soul. And soon these inexplicable and painful sensations forced him turn back. Three years after this incident journalist M. Glukhov died of cancer, and before visiting abnormal zone it was a strong and healthy man.

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In subsequent years, Cape Mogilny explored several expeditions. But the picture, that is, the reasons for the appearance of an abnormal here zone has not cleared up.

Legends of the Grave Cape

Among other things, research participants collected and recorded stories of local residents. These are the testimonies.

Someone M.E.Shabashnikova reported that in 1947. her parents and uncle went to the grave for mushrooms. Before noon, people climbed out on clearing and decided to have a bite. Parents sat on the ground, and uncle – on felled tree. The woman spread her handkerchief and began to lay out supplies. When she turned to call her uncle, she did not see him. Spouses until late were looking for the missing man, but everything was in vain …

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I.A. Troitsky said that in the early 50s, while still as a kid, he worked as a collective farm shepherd. Somehow one of his wards of cows ran to Cape Mogilny. Little shepherd I went in search of the fugitive and soon found her. The cow stood on one place and absolutely not moving. Touching her boy he was horrified: to the touch the animal was cold and as if rubber. Ivan screamed out of fear, and then the cow seemed to come to life: as if in pain, she rushed to the village, not understanding the way …

In 1985 the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” organized its expedition to these places. Its participants watched over the Grave three milky-white luminous balls hung on the headland. Having formed isosceles triangle, UFOs began to spin rapidly, and then sank to the ground and disappeared into the cedar thickets.

A photo from open sources

Also, according to local residents, in the 1990s, Grave grave crashed UFO and its luminous debris turned out to be scattered around …

This theory is supported by collected facts. Many have seen how the sky over the Tomsk region on February 26, 1984. bright flying exploded the object, which received even its official name – “Tomsk car “.

Local residents have often seen unusual, mysterious creatures. They say it’s gnomes whose little ones silhouettes can sometimes be seen on a moonlit night. Dwarves supposedly live in burrows under tree roots, and feed on fish, which are rich surrounding lakes. Old-timers do not agree with this version and consider that not gnomes live on the cape, but ghosts from the ancients burial grounds …

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