Anomalous place in the middle of the forest met mushroom pickers in the Samara region

An anomalous place in the middle of the forest was met by mushroom pickers in the Samara regionA photo from open sources

An incomprehensible phenomenon was discovered a few days ago near of the Russian village of Zhemkovka in the Samara region.

The family that went for mushrooms suddenly went to the place where many trees were strangely bent to the ground – like grass blown away. The authors of the find are convinced that this could not happen due to bad weather, say a severe hurricane, because in two steps from bent trees stand, as if nothing had happened, direct.

In addition, the Russians exclude the possibility of using this any technique that in this case is completely different would break the plantations, but didn’t bend them so strange pasta.

When a mysterious movie shot by mushroom pickers hit the World the web, many netizens felt as if in front of us the result of the activities of representatives of extraterrestrial civilization. Quite it is likely that their “flying saucer” landed here. However, the aliens could “bend the trees” for another reason, unknown to us.

According to other commentators, some gravitational anomaly of this place. Anyway, the place is unkind and dangerous, almost all users determined, and therefore it would be better do not go there for mushrooms. It is in such dead areas that disappear people, it is here that mysterious animals, say, yetis, since such zones can be portals to other worlds.

Unfortunately, nothing is known about the history of this area and no no other information (stories of local residents, for example) about anomalies near the village of Zhemkovka. It turns out that the trees here bent strangely “suddenly” and only in this place. Riddle and only …


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