Anomalous zone. Why in Yakutia they are afraid of the “Valley of death”

About the place with the saying name “Death Valley” in Yakutia goes many legends. Every resident of the republic has heard stories about stray hunters who, having spent the night there, returned home, got sick and died. They also talk about found bodies of members of a geological expedition whose cause of death not clarified, strange fire, underground rooms in which warm, like in a heated house, and other obscure and frightening things. Photos from open sources

Yakuts call this place l Chrchkh (Elyu Cherkachekh) – translated “Death Valley.” According to the original sources, its place the location was called the right bank of the Vilyui River, while no no more specific benchmarks were indicated. In later evidence, the river Olguydah appears (in translation “river with boiler “) – the right tributary of the Vilyui River, they say that the mystical and strange things started to happen there. According to the official version, “Death Valley” is located in the area of ​​Vilyui reservoirs on the territory of Mirny ulus. Contradictory and Descriptions of the area. According to one source, this is a black spot surrounded by swamp swamps and dead trees, where they do not fly birds and do not take care of animals. As for people, according to to the same sources, in former years they perished in the valley of death dozens. A completely different description is found in a single document relating to the “Death Valley” – a letter from a certain Michael Koretsky from Vladivostok, which, in his own Allegedly, visited there. In particular, he notes that “here lush vegetation, huge burdocks and higher grass human growth. “Concerning the” Valley of Death “there is a leisure the opinion that this is some specific place, but this is by no means true. To begin with, the existing “evidence” refers us to various territories: Koretsky speaks of the right bank of Vilyui, according to stories hunters – this is its headwaters, later sources in general sent to the river Olguydah. If you look at the map of Yakutia, you You will see that this is a huge territory. By the way, when we shot transmission, we were in these places, and I can say that no there are no external horrors. The Olguidah River area is beautiful taiga forests, there are a lot of moose, birds.

Andrey I, the author of the program “Searchers of Yakutia”, winner of the prize TEFI, filming the plot of “Death Valley”

According to the stories, in the “Valley of Death” are cauldrons of incomprehensible Origin – Olguy. Their diameter is about 10 m, and inside them “summer warmth even in severe frosts”, therefore local hunters, wandered here, used these boilers as a place for overnight stay. But the strangest thing happened after they returning home – almost immediately they fell ill and died. Another legend is the letter of Michael mentioned above. Koretsky, the text of which is given in all articles devoted to “Valley of Death.” “Death Valley” stretches along the right tributary of the river Vilyuy. In fact, this is a whole chain of valleys along its floodplain … What concerning mysterious objects, there are probably a lot of them, because for three seasons I saw seven such “boilers”. They all appear me completely mysterious: firstly, the size is from 6 to 9 m in diameter. Secondly, made of strange metal. In one of “cauldrons” we slept as a group (six people). Nothing bad they didn’t feel, they left quietly without any unpleasant incidents. No one was seriously ill after. Unless one of my friends after three months all hair fell out completely. And on my left side of the head (I was sleeping on it) appeared three small sores the size of a match head each.

From a letter from traveler Mikhail Koretsky

However, this is perhaps the only documentary evidence about the mysterious boilers, to which all authors of articles refer, raises legitimate doubts, and here’s why. It is alleged that this document exists and is in the archive of the national libraries of RS (I), however, to the question of the correspondent, employees libraries said they had never heard of anything like this. We have only published documents, books, articles are stored. Letters there are no diaries in our archive.

Member of the National Library of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

Of course, this does not prove that the letter does not exist, but does not confirm its presence. The second fact, which made me doubt its authenticity is that in further sources it is in slightly modified form again issued as evidence eyewitnesses. The evidence that I have, I seriously do not I perceive, as they, as a rule, do not have an author. Even if in as an informant, a specific person is indicated, find him impossible, and there are legitimate doubts about whether he was at all. I can confirm one thing – indeed, there are no photos from there. Everything that newspapers and the Internet publish is completely different. places.

Andrey I, the author of the program “Searchers of Yakutia”, winner of the prize TEFI, filming the plot of “Death Valley”

Nevertheless, the legend of giant boilers is still in use. very popular. Someone thinks this is a former base aliens, someone considers the cauldrons as the works of human hands, some believe that these are domes of huge underground structures, and they even give stories about hunters who supposedly went down there, the most advanced explain these strange formations and destructive the impact of the terrain by dumping spent rocket stages and underground atomic explosions.

A photo from open sources

Researchers of the Yakut epic “Olonkho” believe that the battle demons of the lower world with celestial heroes, which happens every 100 years, it happens in this place. By the way, the description of the battle is very reminds a picture of atomic explosions. We monitored versions, associated with the falling steps of the missiles, and I can say that this the territory of the rocket stage did not fall; there were no explosions there either.

Andrey I, the author of the program “seekers of Yakutia”, winner of the prize TEFI, filming the plot of “Death Valley”

The territory is rich in gas fields. It is possible that in hallucinations occurred in people as a result of the release of gas. Maybe, they spent the night in a cave in which gas accumulated, for example methane, poisoning of which, by the way, can lead to death the outcome.

Vitaly Kalashnikov, First Deputy Chairman State Committee for Geology and Subsurface Use of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

So what is really happening in this strange place? Is this an inexplicable natural anomaly or is it just idle gossip and speculation? It’s difficult to answer, but be that as it may, the phenomenon of “Erik Cherkacheh” is listed in many encyclopedias of abnormal zones of the planet. I can’t say anything about giant boilers, did not see. The only thing I know: in the XVIII century, the Cossacks found there copper boiler – an ordinary copper boiler with a diameter of 1.5–2 m. Who is it left, unknown, maybe the same Cossacks. I know that for sure because this fact is described by many historians. As for boilers and underground cities – then I can show you a development map the area where you will see that almost the entire territory to the right of the Vilyui reservoir is covered by seismic profiling, which leads “Yakutgeofizika”. Seismic profiles are clearings wide approximately 1.5 m, which are at a fairly close distance. In addition, drilling operations were carried out in these places, as well as geological exploration by geologists of the ALROSA company. If there was something was, then they would have found something a long time ago.

Vitaly Kalashnikov, First Deputy Chairman State Committee for Geology and Subsurface Use of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

If you want to know my opinion on whether these places are a mystery, I will say – there is! But she has nothing to do with aliens, not with strange boilers. I have my own version what is happening, but I will not voice it, since I myself preparing a series of materials on this topic. I am now advocating that put together a working group that could put everything in order available materials – raised the archive, found out whether referenced documents exist. We need to develop a clear position and separate the grain from the chaff, primarily because interest in this place is growing and soon it can begin pilgrimage of tourists. Legends are tenacious, and until this place is gone a kind of Mecca of stalkers, it must be studied in order to understand what we are dealing with and how dangerous it is. Perhaps it geopathic zone, which really is danger to human health, and you need to relate to this in the highest degree seriously.

Andrey I, the author of the program “Searchers of Yakutia”, winner of the prize TEFI, filming the story about “Death Valley” Birds of the Yakutia Rocket

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