Anomalous zones of Tatarstan

A photo from open sources

There are three large anomalous zones in Russia: the M-triangle in the village of Molebka, Zhiguli mountains and the Medveditskaya ridge. But how it turned out, and in the Republic of Tatarstan there are more than a dozen mysterious and curious places.

Anomalous zones differ in the nature of their origin: somewhere people record a large number of UFO appearances, in others there are ghosts and mysterious creatures in some places there is a sharp deterioration in health, while others are considered vice versa saints.

– Anomalous zones are divided into two types. There are hepatogenic zones, that exist in nature, they are scientifically proven, they are explored geologists and they can be checked. Such zones are found wherever fracture of the earth’s crust and from the bowels of the gases that affect human condition: he becomes ill, he can lose consciousness, – explains the finalist of the 8th season of “Battle of psychics” to Alsou Gazimzyanova.

There are plenty of such places on the map of Tatarstan.

Dolgaya Polyana in Tetyushsky district

A photo from open sources

On the territory of the reserve two glades attract attention – Rabbit and Stone. They do not grow trees at all, but the technique begins to behave strangely: the clock goes astray, does not work compass. This is one of the most abnormal energy spots in a republic that is directly connected with space.

They say that these places have a beneficial effect on people’s health: pressure is restored, colds pass, comes peace and tranquility. And nearby witnesses even saw hovering of large “plates” in the sky.

The healing powers of this zone were used by the Bulgars. Legends say that khans stayed here to stock up energy.

Undora Village

A hundred million years ago there was a sea, ichthyosaurs lived and plesiosaurs. Here was found the skeleton of an unknown dinosaur, which was called the “undorosaurus”. The energy of the place is positive, there are many healing sources nearby, and the name itself is translated as ten drugs.

In our republic there are even more historical places where battles and buried wars and khans. Such edges carry a huge charge. energy and a large number of traditions.

– There are zones of ancient buildings, treasures, things, there are ghosts appear with some frequency: either on some holidays, or on the day of his death, or to warn of something. Ritually them expelling is almost impossible. When psychic works with this, then he must understand why they appear, – Alsu considers Gazimzyanova.

Chatyr-tau mountain in Aznakaevsky district

A photo from open sources

About 57 adits are located here, there are many funnels and landslides. According to legend, Pugachev was here with his army, also legends say about the treasures and weapons found. Old mines are considered unclean, there have been cases of the disappearance of cattle and people.

– But it happens that abnormal zones are formed at the site of the tragedy, where there is a bunch of negative energy. This place may be a kind of portal between other spaces. Often this it happens when they invite me to an unclean apartment where people see casts. I’m coming and I understand that there is some kind of portal where they pass, – speaks of yet another kind of anomalies psychic.

Kirmen in the Mamadysh district. Khan’s cemetery

On the M-7 highway opposite the villages of Malaya, Srednyaya and Russkaya Kirmen on the right side is the ancient Kirmensky fortification. According to legend Syuyumbike herself and her husband Garay Khan come here. Part of the track passes right along part of the cemetery, so here lies the famous among drivers anomalous zone: the number of accidents in this area unreasonably great. At the entrance to the mountain there is a sign that this a stretch of road is dangerous.

– When roads are built in the cemetery, then naturally potentially dangerous. It turns out that we ride on someone’s bones and those who are buried there take people to another world. If people know places like this, you can try to clean, speak, put warning signs so that the person is more watchful. We now have so many opportunities to study these phenomena, we believe, do not believe, but people see ghosts, and we must inform others about it. Generally, when a person is on the road sees crosses, this should immediately be a signal for him to lower speed, – says Gazimzyanova.


UFOs in the sky over Tatarstan most often appeared in 90-2000th years. As they say in the organization “Cosmopoisk-Kazan”, Now such abnormal activities are not observed.

– Before us, the window group was engaged in ufology in Tatarstan, they then Agryz district was distinguished: there are a number of villages where constantly saw UFOs, red balls. In 2007, we drove to the place the alleged UFO landing, they are characterized by some traces when takeoff, landing and acceleration. There we found three forest outfalls: pine trees on 2-3 meters high were broken, says the head local “Cosmopoisk” Maria Petrova.

Surprisingly, Tatarstan people not only see from time to time unidentified flying objects in the sky, but some argue that were abducted by aliens.

– The forest near the village of Shikhazda (Pestrechinsky district) is a bit strange. About 20 years ago, one boy was taken by aliens board and showed a map: there was indicated just this forest, and in the corner there were two points, which means he did not understand. We go there too drove out, we were interested in trees there: they are curved and grow rosettes of three to five trees from one point. If you stand in this outlet, then impotence is felt, energy is leaving the person, – shared Petrova.

Areas where UFOs are now appearing:

– Spassky – Tetyushsky – Pestrechinsky – Verkhneuslonsky

Prodigal places

And there are a considerable number of those in our area. Residents some villages and villages are scared by horror stories and tales of the prodigal forests nearby. There are such mysterious zones and very close from Kazan.

– In such places, a person can die, get lost, an abyss. It can be forests, or maybe just a field, ”explains Head of Kazan-Cosmopoisk. – Recently, she turned to us a resident of the village of Yudino, who went as usual three years ago mushrooms in the area of ​​the children’s railway. After going a little bit deep into the forest, she realized that she was lost and lost a landmark. All of a sudden the woman saw a man in a beige cloak running nearby and hurried after him, but he did not turn around and moved on. Come to my senses she only when she felt water squelching under her feet – the woman went into the swamp. Then she said a short prayer, she turned sharply in the opposite direction, and she walked through the forest until went to the road to Yudino. Most interesting: she came out with another side of the road. And he doesn’t remember that the nursery was going back road and highway. How then could she be on the other side the woods?

Accidents often occur on this stretch of road, with fatal the outcome. On both sides are conditional graves. To the right is large high cross. In these areas, perhaps some kind of “walk” wormhole, i.e. spatio-temporal curvature, with getting there, a person submits to another dimension.

Mysterious creatures

Now in one area, then in another, cases of damage become known pets by some kind of creature. Especially such attacks this fall. However, according to Cosmopoisk, this the work of no mysterious chupacabra.

– We are now leaving for almost every occasion and we can to say that in Tatarstan, like in Russia, there is no chupacabra. Animals other predators kill: wild dogs, foxes, ferrets, minks, – explain there.

A photo from open sources

However, there are cases in which it is difficult to find out and prove something. This is also indicated by the leader Maria Petrova:

– A few years ago in the abandoned village of Agryzsky some monster wandered the area at night, he stole animal pets from corrals and carried away to the forest. People heard a growl, saw prints paws, but no one saw the creature itself.

Areas where an unknown predator appeared:

– Almetyevsk district, the village of Vasilyevka – Azmushkino village near Naberezhnye Chelny – Sukhaya Reka (Kazan) – Arsky district, Karatay village – Kichkalnya village – Chita village – Village Pobedilovo – Kamsk-Ustyinsky District – Shilnebash Village – Village Surovka – Village Sidorovka (Naberezhnye Chelny) – High Mountain – Kukmorsky District – Upper Uslon

Adverse places in Kazan from psychic Alsou Gazimzyanova:

– I do not like the place near the Veterinary Clinic, where the train passes. When I’m there, it’s as if in some funnel spins. Then we have a bright place where Gorkovsky highway, there is some kind of anomaly. Turn on Levchenko on Rebellion.

– On the right side of Lake Kaban, closer to Tukay. I would not recommended staying there longer than necessary. And the lake itself I don’t like the boar, I feel bad there, uneasy, pulling right in center, there is actually something there. And with people trying there is something to find or make films, something happens: they get sick, disappear, get into an accident.

– Before entering Leninogorsk, there is a negative bypass place, how many people were beating there. In general, crossroads are very terrible in themselves, negative energy accumulates there.

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