Another Bermuda Triangle Evaporated airplane

Another plane evaporated in the Bermuda TriangleA photo from open sources

The so-called Bermuda Triangle, whose vertices commonly believed Puerto Rico, Bermuda and Florida is one of the most mysterious places on our planet. Over the last century this sinister place, according to official statistics, swallowed more than 80 aircraft and several hundred ships.

Impressive numbers, isn’t it? However, if simple calculations, it becomes clear that annually disappears here without there are only a few traces of vehicles, though it’s still more than anywhere else …

People of official science deny supernatural properties Bermuda Triangle, claiming that airplanes and ships disappear here, leaving under water, not much more often than in other areas Oceans. However, many alternative researchers report that influential people are specially silent about most disappearances of transport and people in this place to the public did not know the whole truth and continued to consider Bermuda the triangle is simply a famous modern myth.

It’s all the more interesting to know that recently another disappeared here aircraft. Mitsubishi twin-engine turboprop aircraft MU-2 “disappeared from radar controllers, moving from Puerto Rico to Florida This is officially reported by the Coast Guard U.S.A. There were four people aboard the airplane: American entrepreneur Jennifer Blumin, her children of four and ten years old, as well as a friend of the woman – pilot Nathan Ulrich.

A photo from open sources

The plane left Puerto Rico on Monday, May 12, at 11 o’clock in the morning, and after 3 hours, communication with him unexpectedly ended. In that moment the aircraft flew at a speed of the order of 555 kilometers in hour at an altitude of more than 7 kilometers and was approximately 60 kilometers from the Bahamas. Currently American coastal security is actively searching for the missing airplane.

Recall that many theories are put forward regarding the causes disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle of air and floating funds. Many scholars claim that wandering around waves, methane emissions, shallows, “wind bombs” or even the mysterious a source of infrasound that damages the human the psyche. Researchers of supernatural phenomena believe that all business in sea monsters, aliens, portals to parallel worlds or in time and etc. Unites all these tragedies, as well as puzzling, is the fact that communication with a ship or plane disappears instantly, as if the vehicle is simply erased in space and time …

PS. The US Coast Guard still found the missing plane. is he discovered, as expected, in the Bahamas. However, no one was on board the aircraft. Details not yet reported …

Bermuda Triangle Aircraft

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