Another case of spontaneous human spontaneous combustion

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Another case of spontaneous spontaneous combustion of a person occurred: not so long ago, this happened to 70-year-old John Nolan.

And it happened right on the street of London in Orchard Place before dozens of passers-by who even tried to pay off strange fire. True, they did it badly, because pyrokinesis or Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC) is a phenomenon just as mysterious, how uncontrollable. In general, a former builder Mayo Irish County John Nolan was rushed to hospital Essex County Broomfield, where he died the next day, as his body was burnt by 65 percent.

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Neither firefighters, nor police and detectives could find the cause of the fire of a man who just flashed like a candle – for no apparent reason, as is the case with SHC. John has arrived to London from Ireland to sister, lived in the capital of England on various addresses, did not differ much, but burned out – at an unknown reason. His brother-in-law Tom Byrne assures that it was quiet and very good-natured man, not able to kill even a butterfly. Even if to admit that spontaneous combustion is God’s punishment, then it collapsed clearly the wrong person.

From the history of spontaneous spontaneous combustion of people

There are not so many cases of spontaneous spontaneous combustion of people, for everything time studying this mysterious phenomenon is documented recorded no more than two hundred cases. First documented the ignition of the Italian knight Polonius is considered Vortia, who, having drunk wine, suddenly began to spew on others fire, then itself flashed like a candle, and literally a few minutes he left a heap of ash. At that time, it was considered that the drunkard was incinerated by Satan himself.

The second oldest case of Spontaneous Human Combustion described in 1763 in De Incendiis Corporis Humani Spontaneis’ French explorer Jean Dupont. It happened to the wife of a certain Nicolas Millet, a heavy drinker in Paris, who burned out while sleeping on a straw mattress. From her, too, remained a heap of ash, although the mattress did not even burn.

No wonder that for a long time it was believed that people burn like that from alcohol, however German chemist Yastus von Leibig in 1850 proved that this is a false theory.

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The most famous and well-studied case of SHC is considered fire in 1951 mary reaser from american city St. Petersburg. She was a completely non-drinking woman that night she just sat in an armchair and most likely dozed. Her morning in the son found the same chair, and only a part of the leg was left from the mother and a heap of ashes, while in the room nothing burned out and smoky, even the smell of smoke was not felt. Forensic expert Dr. Wilton Krogman was surprised to write then that from such an intense burning of the body should cause a strong fire, destroying the entire structure. In fact, the fire did not even touch newspapers lying on a table next to the chair of a dead woman.

In Russia, it has become reliably burned from such an internal fire shepherd Bisen Mamaev, this happened in November 1990 on the field, border with the Volgograd and Saratov regions. About this in your time wrote in detail the head of “Cosmopoisk” Vadim Chernobrov.

Theories about the causes of spontaneous spontaneous combustion of people

As we have said, for a long time it was believed that people burn from alcohol, but alcoholics rehabilitated not so much Yastus von Leibig, how many burned themselves, since most of them were completely non-drinkable people.

Then came the theory of a “living candle,” which supposedly burns for human fat count. First wrote about this in 1961 in the journal Medico-Legal Journal London physician Gavin Thurston. However experiments with pigs showed that this is not at all true, since animals light up badly, burned for a long time, turning into a bunch ashes, but just a little charred carcasses. Yes, and the mechanism spontaneous combustion remained incomprehensible.

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Then another theory was born – Brian Ford. She concluded that a person lights up if in his body acetone accumulates, the so-called ketones in the blood, excess which (due to illness, malnutrition and so on) leads to spontaneous combustion. A scientist pickled pieces of pork in acetone, made of them a model of the human body and set it on fire – burned for half an hour. However, at the same time, everything around him burned out, moreover it remained a mystery, and what is the spark that sets fire to this “bonfire”?

In general, the cause of pyrokinesis or SHC remains a mystery seven seals, fiction, which we used with pleasure writers starting with Charles Dickens (novel “Bleak House” 1853 years), then Mark Twain, Washington Irving, Herman Melville and many others down to modern writers. And now also filmmakers.

The current case of 70-year-old John Nolan makes it possible to scientists again, using the most advanced equipment and latest medical advances, try to solve this riddle nature. Unfortunately, such puzzles in our world are still very a lot, and they simply do not succumb to a purely materialistic understanding …

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