Another explanation of what constitute crop circles

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Mysterious crop circles have long attracted attention researchers of all stripes and levels. But if orthodox scholars try to shine all this to the joke of mystifiers (and even yourself come up with those), then independent seekers of the truth of a completely different opinions about these “arts”.

We already wrote that Sergei Nikolaevich Lazarev, psychic writer, researcher of the divine essence of man and of his karmic attachments in this world, he believes that crop circles – these are messages to us from other worlds. Messages in the form of characters, since higher entities, on the one hand, cannot communicate with by us in our earthly language (in any), but on the other – they don’t have it right, although they are trying in every possible way to help us, reach our “impenetrable stupidity.”

Today we will tell you about the interpretation of crop circles known Russian researcher of extraterrestrial civilizations (in more detail see about this video below) Pavel Khaylov, who is involved in this an interesting affair for over twenty years.

A photo from open sources

Immediately make a reservation that we selected only two fragments from it explanations of many crop circles, because the essence of these interpretations one and the same – these are symbolic messages to us from higher civilizations. Another thing is that symbols can be interpreted as you like, however, those who send them apparently expect that, with one hand, in our world there will certainly be Pavel Khaylov and they similar, but on the other hand, the circles themselves carry not only information like wrote Sergey Lazarev, but also the energy harmonizing our society.

So, in the first drawing, which appeared in 1991 (Great Britain, Eccleton District) Paul saw the following:

Our entire Universe is subordinate to Divine Love, which in the figure is indicated by the heart. Around this love grouped (attracted by it) numerous worlds that form a brotherhood of already enlightened civilizations (circles of various quantities). The earth, as can be seen from the diagram, is indicated as a small a circle that is divorced from this fraternity, which means it’s located in estrangement from Divine Love. However, two circles (two civilizations already quite enlightened creatures) strive for the Earth, hold it out a helping hand.

A photo from open sources

The second drawing, which appeared in the same 1991 in in the same area of ​​England demonstrates a humanoid in an arrogant pose – this just a man, explains Pavel Khailov. 3 come out of his head ray. One of them is curved, two of them are lying around in their legs. it means that most of the human bioenergy is disturbed, and therefore earthlings are in spirituality. However 2 direct rays coming out out of the humanoid’s head, leaving hope that everything is still possible to fix, stop the degradation of humanity …

A photo from open sources

More information about all this can be found on the Internet, turning to the works of Pavel Khaylov. We only give a brief information explaining what mysterious circles are in the fields, By the way, Paul himself is sure that enlightened worlds it’s not by chance that such symbolic messages are addressed, since marginal drawings work on the human subconscious, while the consciousness of earthlings while “sleeping” and is not able to perceive such information. For this reason, it is not even necessary to decrypt these characters: they will convey the necessary information to the deepest foundations of man and without this “cleverness.” Just be interested in crop circles, more often consider the drawings and merge with them the mind and feelings – and you will be happy. Well, or something like that …

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