Another secret to longevity

Another secret to longevityA photo from open sources

One of the oldest women in the world lives in Scotland – Jesse Gallan, which recently celebrated its 109th anniversary. Naturally, Journalists tried to find out the secret of her longevity.

To begin with, Jesse was born into a poor large family, therefore, at the age of thirteen, she began to work independently, first milkmaid, then assistant cook, then she even managed to get a job to the hotel, where the queen herself often stayed Great Britain. That is, the life of the centenarians was not from lungs.

Gallan herself is sure that she managed to live so long only by the reason for the complete rejection of men who, in her opinion, create too many different problems for the beautiful half of humanity and significantly shorten the existence of women on in this world. Note that Jesse has never been married.

The second main reason for her longevity, the woman called daily oatmeal porridge in the morning, then she strictly watched his diet, never overeat. And finally, Jesse Gallan She stated that she worked a lot (she never even took a vacation), besides She was constantly engaged in physical education – all this allowed her keep fit for many years.

On her 109th birthday, Jesse allowed herself only a small piece of cake, which was kindly prepared for her in the house the elderly of the city of Aberdeen, where she now lives.

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