Another time traveler – now already from dinosaur era

Another time traveler - now from the era of the dinosaursA photo from open sources

Recently, the Internet appears more and more materials about time travelers, as if bursting somewhere why many users of the World Wide Web make it unambiguous conclusion – all these are fashionable fakes. Like, on aliens already so you won’t earn high dividends, but on such videos – for now, you are welcome.

However, there is another opinion about these materials: just our society is already ripe for such travels. After all, they happened and before, mostly, of course, spontaneously, although there were purposeful movements of people in our era, for example, this concerns Andrew Karlsson, who arrived in our time to earn money on stocks, knowing their encoding in advance. However, there were many such travelers from the future in history, and all of them disappeared without a trace in various military departments, if not managed to “dissolve in the air”, that is, return to their world.

However, just the fact that such people immediately found themselves in in the hands of the military, can serve as indirect evidence that time travel – not fiction, but a fantastic car possibly already invented (or obtained thanks to such travelers).

For example, another such traveler who declared himself in The Internet (see video) proves that the time machine in 2018 already exists, although it itself is from 2098. The most interesting in this interview that this traveler allegedly went to the era of dinosaurs, and therefore in detail describes the time, separated from us many millions of years ago.

A photo from open sources

However, skeptics immediately catch the unlucky the traveler on the fact that he does not report anything that was we would not know today about the time of dinosaurs, even that some of them were in feathers – not news, this is just recently proved by modern scientists. Similarly, besteminious critics say, all travelers in time sin exclusively, they cannot future, not in the past to “see” that which would not fit into our performance or knowledge. For example, science fiction writers could predict the future, see in it something that the world even until he dreamed or guessed. This was their talent real seers. All today’s homegrown “travelers” are not even capable of such foresight, but because they are simply funny and naive …

Yes, such “travelers” do not have material evidence, and rather all, there can be, but evidence of another, informational plan must be by all means. And they are not there either …

So believe in these tales or not believe – you decide. Though cases of people moving in time, of course, almost a fact undeniable. Just learn to separate the grain from the chaff …

Dinosaurs Time

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