Antarctica: wave anomalies force think about

Antarctica: wave anomalies make you thinkA photo from open sources

Antarctica generates strange waves that travel through Earth with a clear focus and consistency, why cast doubt on their natural origin.

The first such global wave anomaly was recorded on MIMIC cards on April 2 this year, the second wave has been detected already 15 May, and on May 26, 2017, MIMIC caught the third abnormal the wave.

If you analyze all these three wave anomalies on the maps MIMIC, for example, draw a line perpendicular to their front, then you can it’s easy to find that the source is Antarctica. Moreover, Princess Elisabeth Station crosses the path of these anomalies – the mysterious station of Antarctica, which is located, is proven independent researchers at the bottom of the buried (or hidden from us) under the ice of the pyramids of the southern mainland, perhaps more majestic and mysterious than the Egyptian structures.

It turns out that global waves come precisely from here, from of these pyramids, or directly from the station itself, which can to be the managing center. Moreover, experienced cartographers argue that the waves are directed into the zone of the so-called subduction of Cascadia – in a place about six hundred miles long where the tectonic the plate of Juan de Fuca literally wedges into the North American mainland (see map below).

A photo from open sources

Cascade subduction zone, scientists say, does not generate serious, somehow destructive, earthquakes from the end sixteenth century, so there over three centuries may serious pressure has already accumulated, thanks to which the plate of Juan de Fuca more and more goes under the American mainland. Accounts for A 50 percent confidence claim, say seismologists, that in mega-earthquakes can occur at this point at any time, and with a maximum 9-point power on the Richter scale.

And although there is no direct evidence for this, nevertheless, it is being created the impression that someone in Antarctica using of the above global waves, manipulates a break in the Pacific the ocean. Of course, it’s hard to say, he swings it that way or, conversely, suppresses increased activity, but the fact conscious influence is evident …

In the video below:

  • The last wave anomaly recorded on May 26;

  • pyramids and other riddles of Antarctica.

Antarctica Pyramids

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