Anthem favorite team brought a football fan from coma

Anthem favorite team brought a football fan out of a comaA photo from open sources

In Foggy Albion, a striking event occurred that still time proves that under certain conditions a person shows remarkable abilities of his body.

59-year-old Tony Kemp, who fell into a coma, returned to consciousness after of how his wife included in the ward an English anthem Plymouth Argyle Football Club. The man is huge fan of this team, so he and his family are convinced that it was the love of sport that allowed our hero to wake up. But after all the doctors were ready to recognize the pensioner as unviable.

Doctors eliminated Kemp’s cerebral aneurysm, and During this operation, the patient suffered a stroke. Doctors 18 hours fought desperately for the life of the patient and eventually saved her, however Tony fell into a coma, from which patients, especially such an elderly age, just don’t go out. For this reason, the pensioner’s wife Danne reported that if her husband does not recover within two days, it will have to be disconnected from the life support apparatus, that is, to actually kill.

What makes a person come out of a coma?

The inconsolable woman wept for a long time near her husband’s bed, and finally, knowing his passion for football, she turned on the smartphone anthem the above club. It was worth playing music, like Kemp, to the universal shocked, opened his eyes and came to his senses. Doctors are unable to explain this, since the patient had no chance of it – happened just some kind of miracle!

Coma is a very little studied thing. Many people have argued that, being in this state, sometimes for many years, they heard everything that happened around – for example, how they talked to them relatives. Reasons why Patients Come Out of Deep comas are still a mystery to science. Some specialists suggest that such an “awakening” is not least depends on a person’s desire to return to our world, but this is too much a simplified view, and the current case eloquently shows that to get out of a deep coma you need something else, more often extraordinary, able to “hook” a person for the most living …

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