Arabian beings were shot on the video. motorists ways

Arabian beings on the video, misleading motoristsA photo from open sources

Some Arab countries have an old legend about supernatural creatures called тltava. Translated from Arabic, it means “those who make you get lost.” Other their name is “lantern keepers.” In earlier times, it was believed that these entities knocked travelers off the road in the night deserts.

Nomads saw lights in the dark, similar to the light from a lantern or bonfire, after which they went to them. Get closer to the light source never succeeded, because he was constantly moving away from man. Eventually the fire went out, and the unfortunate traveler found himself standing in the middle of the desert. In the worst case, according to tradition, imprudent wanderers were dying of thirst, unable to find way back.

A photo from open sources

Surprisingly, this legend easily adapted to modern to the world. Nowadays, Arabs often report that they are observing mysterious lights on nights on highways across the desert similar to the headlights of cars and arising literally out of nowhere. The Iltavas, they say, not only attract random travelers to themselves, wishing to use the hitchhiking, but also provoke accidents and just scare motorists.

The video below, received last week, demonstrates, presumably, just such a phenomenon. Resident of Saudi arabia was driving at half past ten on the way to sand and suddenly saw a couple of bright lights ahead. To our hero failed to reach these luminous balls, however he successfully captured them on a smartphone camera. The operator has no doubt in the fact that he met on the road the sinister “lantern keepers”: in that lifeless desert simply could not be either bonfires or other cars…

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